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  • Increased body heat

    I started the primal thing slowly about a week ago. Since then, I've actually noticed a lot of changes. Not only have my clothes started fitting hitter, but my energy levels are much more even. No more bonking. One weird thing though is that, depending on what I eat, I experience a boost in body heat. Is this normal? It's co dramatic, l can virtually eat a hand full of seeds and I'll just start burning up. Any advice would be welcome.

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    It's not as dramatic for me as you say it is for you, but I have definitely enjoyed the same effect. This winter, all my friends have been complaining with comments of "it's so FREEZING!" whilst wearing massive coats and buried in scarves and hats. Me? I could literally walk around shirtless and feel fine. I don't, though.

    My tolerance to the cold is a subtle, yet noticeable difference for me. I notice that if I skip a meal (intermittent fasting), I'm a lot more prone to temperature changes. Food definitely has a role to play here.


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      I am having the opposite problem! I am usually burning up but since starting Primal, I am cold much more often. Hmmm.....I have lost weight but not a ton so I don't think it's a decrease in body fat.....


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        When I fast I'm kinda cold, then not so much after eating. It's got something to do with burning fatty acids for fuel in the absence of carbs. Daemonized, drop some knowledge please.
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          Same here. I was chronically cold before primal, now I'm much more comfortable and after eating, often get overheated. If I feel chilly I know it's time to eat.

          I'm not surprised that those who have lost large amounts of weight, or fast for longer than 10-12 hours, are often feeling cold.


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            I am having the opposite problem, I used to be hot all the time, summer, winter didn't matter. Now I am freezing all the time. My hands and feet are like ice, no matter how bundled up I am or how high the heat. My husband kind of likes it because he is a "Florida baby" and loves it warm. He has been joking about us moving down south now that I am cold all the time.

            I have lost 30lbs since the summer and I am IFing 16 hours a day on most days.
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              Yes. I have always tended to be warm. Now I notice significant heat like you describe.
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                my non scientific response is that I believe when you are fasting your blood is prioritized to mobilize fat for fuel, usually around the midsection. I find on longer fasts, over 12-16 hrs the hands and feet get really cold but the belly is like an oven. Someone might be able to explain it better...


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                  I tend to be cold, but I seem to run hotter on Primal. For example, I needed my house around 73 degrees last winter, but am comfortable around 70 this year. I just tell myself that I've got a metabolism like a jet engine now. It is a very nice development.

                  I'd be interested to hear if there is a scientific explanation.
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                    Thanks for all the feedback. What you all say does seem logical. I just did a 18 hour fast and was quite a bit cooler. The heat I noticed the other day was when I was riding that edge of hunger by eating handfuls of seeds and nuts. Whenever I would eat more fat than I was really craving, I would heat up quite a bit for awhile afterward. I assumed this was the metabolic increase that Mark speaks of in the book, when insulin levels are low and there is excess fat intake.


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                      Cold - when fasting >14hrs

                      Sweaty/flushed - when eating a lot of coconut milk/oil. I didn't believe the "thermogenic" effect of coconut milk, until I drank a whole can for lunch. I felt like I had a fever.