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  • Pork - not organic

    Hi. I've just been asked if I want to buy some pork from a farmer I know - it works out about 3.00 per pound for a freezer pack. Which is very good.

    BUT - he doesn't believe in organic farming and says there is no such thing as organic. I have little idea of what his pigs eat, but I know they live outdoors and roam about. No idea about his views on antibiotics etc.

    I can't decide whether to buy it - or pay more for meat I really know? What would you do?

    He has also offered me loads of fat to render down - but how do I know if I end up like full of antibiotics??!

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    The only way to know would be to approach the guy with a specific list of questions. How are we supposed to know what he does with his hogs?
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      I've texted him to ask - what are they fed, is there much grain etc.

      And I realise you don't know what he feeds the pigs any more than I do - I am not assuming that you have amazing psychic gifts! I really wanted to know how much of an issue it is with people on this forum what the beasts they eat have eaten?!


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        If the pigs live are pastured then that's a good thing. I don't think that there is as much of a differentiation as there is with grass/grain fed beef. I'd buy it.


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          $3 a pound is really good for pastured pork, hopefully he feeds them more than corn feed.