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Bad taste in mouth after third day... Ketosis?

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  • Bad taste in mouth after third day... Ketosis?

    Hi everyone,
    This is my third day of this new lifestyle and it seems to be going okay. My headaches (assuming from sugar/grain withdrawal) are getting better and my cravings have settled a lot. However, I've noticed an off taste in my mouth today.

    From what I've read online and a previous experience with Atkins, is this a result of ketosis? How long will that taste last? What about bad body odor? What do you all do about that?

    This will be a long journey for me to reach my health goals, which are:
    1. Lose a massive amount of weight (morbidly obese)
    2. Get rid of all unneccessary medications (high blood pressure)
    3. Lose the CPAP machine
    4. Have energy to burn
    5. Live an active life: going on vacation without worrying about the plane seats, being able to go swimming without giving it a second thought, being able to go shopping in any store, going horseback riding, taking stairs without feeling like I'm 1,000 years because the pain my knees, etc., etc... so many things I want to do

    My brother went Primal a few months ago and his results have been impressive. Also looking at the success stories and before/after photos are impressive and inspirational.

    This seems like an excellent community to keep the motivation going. I will be back often.

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    Howdy and welcome!

    In my experience, if my mouth is always feeling dirty with an almost metallic taste -- yes, that is my sign to me that I'm in ketosis. A quick check with a Ketostix has always confirmed this.

    For me, it's the *ONLY* downside of this whole thing. I usually feel fan-freaking-tastic when in ketosis otherwise.

    Best wishes to you, FeelingBetterAlready. Being able to ride horses again is one of my biggest motivators for rehabbing my back, so I definitely understand and empathize. Such a joyous, soul-nourishing experience!
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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      Is it possible for someone just starting to eat this way to go into ketosis in the first 3 days? I wouldn't have thought so.


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        I *think* if she's hitting it really hard with very low carbs, maybe? It's been a dog's age since I was on Atkins, but I seem to recall that the end of the third day/going into the fourth day is the key turnaround point. (But that's induction-phase Atkins, which is zero carbs.) I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. haha.
        "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates