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  • getting distressed about lack of results

    Hello Everyone

    I stumbled across this website in late March/April this year, and am an avid reader of the forums, read the book, have the cookbook etc etc.

    So anyway, I started being 'primal' straight away. By the way, I am 22 years old, 5'3. At this stage I was about 53kg from memory, and so obviously not overweight, but just not at my ideal (bloated stomach, love handles, normal problem areas for a girl I guess). Anyway, first couple of days, I lost about a kilogram, water weight I suppose. And then over the next month or so, I got down to 49.5kg with barely any effort. I was just eating right, getting good exercise, etc. This involved walking, a bit of jogging (but as part of interval training on the treadmill, for only a short time - so was not chronic cardio or anything), some weight lifting, chin ups, taking the stairs at work (6 flights etc), and I did 20 minutes a night on the exercise bike (at a slow, non-heart beat raising rate) after dinner. Speaking of which, I often didn't need dinner because I was not hungry. Everything just fell into place for me and was great and easy and I told everyone about it, and so on... Success story from turning away from skinny fat to properly healthy I guess.

    Anyway, in September I spent a month in the USA (I am from Australia), and it was just easier to let some things slide because of who I was travelling with, the amount of social events I had to attend etc. But I did not by any means go crazy. I was 52kg when I came back (stomach bloat, untoned legs etc), and figured it would just drop off easily. Well, I did not get back to good habits straight away, and combine this with the lack of exercise I was getting and some other stress, that weight was 53.5kg by October. (by the way, I know some people are probably thinking I am being too pedantic about numbers, but this gain has made serious impacts on my body shape and most of my clothes do not fit me any more so it is actually extremely noticeable to me).

    I got back on the primal wagon, 100% as possible. Meat, vegetables, eggs, some fruit, water, basically. Hitting very close to 70% fat, 20% protein, 10% carbs, most days. Didn't get any changes - nothing. Had the same effects in terms of making me not want dinner anymore, but that didn't affect my weight.

    I tried cutting those portion sizes down a bit. No change. Have since added in the exercise again, but it's having a negligable change. I can tell that any change in my weight is only due to stomach content, and I am not burning off any of the recently acquired fat. I am doing everything I was 'last time' and it is having no success and I am SO confused by this because I am a huge primal proponent. I 'had dinner' last night because I had a social function - ate primal though - but come this morning I had put on the 0.5kg that I have managed to drop by being pretty damn hardcore about it all quite frankly.

    I am sick to death of this, it's making me really stressed (which I am sure is not helping). This stress is mostly coming from the fact that I am going on a holiday/work conference for 2 weeks leaving on Saturday, and it's just not going to be easy to be close to 100% regardless, let alone the fact that being close to 100% hasn't been helping.

    My daily diet looks something like this, btw:

    Breakfast: 2 fried eggs (in a bigger-than-required slab of butter), a salad on the side of spinach, tomato, avocado and sometimes capsicum, with either macadamia oil or avocado oil.

    Lunch: either a big salad with chicken or tuna, or some curry (meat and vegetables), or meatballs with salad

    Dinner: don't normally have it, but sometimes, salmon and salad, or the same as lunch.

    As I said before, most days I am getting pretty close with all the ratios.

    Does anyone have any ideas why I am not getting any results when I am doing exactly what was so successful for me earlier this year?!

    Edit: Oh, and I am generally well under 50grams of carbs a day...
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    I'm sorry you're distressed about this. First order of business is to get your mind straightened out; as you mentioned, the stress certainly isn't going to help you lose weight!

    Second, have you considered upping your carbs just a bit? Everyone responds a bit differently to different macro ratios, but I have read numerous accounts of people who had stalled out on weight loss while doing VLC, and managed to start losing again after upping the carbs slightly. Maybe it's worth trying out Mark's "effortless weight loss" range of 50-100g of carbs daily?

    Personally I think your 70/20/10 ratio is a little extreme for someone without much weight to lose, and who isn't diabetic. Maybe try 60/20/20 and see how that works for you? That's going to be very difficult if you stick with salad as your main source of carbs, but would be quite easy if you added in a sweet potato, squash, or a piece of fruit here and there (these won't kill you, I promise, and they offer some wonderful micro-nutrients that your body wants ).


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      thank you for your feedback! I spent some quality time on the forum after posting that and decided it may also be quite likely that I just haven't been getting enough calories. Admittedly, I don't really understand how that works, that less calories doesn't mean more weight loss, but I've seen that is the feedback many other people have gotten.

      I suppose I have just been so frustrated because I HAVE had this work for me before, so so easily, and this has been ridiculously hard this time.


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        For me personally I find it very hard to lose weight unless I'm in ketosis. Some people can be knocked out of ketosis by a small amount of fruit or starchy veggies.