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  • "30 days" and poetry...

    Do any of you write? I used to.

    I remember always being able to put forth better work when there were guidelines to follow in poetry mostly, meaning I had an easier time writing say a Sonnet than I did just free writing. I liked having to stick to parameters, counting out rhymes, etc etc. Others felt it constricted their creativity, I always thought otherwise: I think having to follow certain rules actually makes me more creative.

    Another example is boxing (other sports would probably work too) in western boxing you can only use punches to defeat your opponent, but there are endless ways to do this. Some of the guys at my Muay Thai gym say they can express themselves better when they have more choices for attack and defense (kicks, knees, elbows are allowed in muay thai, and you can attack the legs unlike kickboxing) but I’m of the belief that if you’re “limited” to only using your punches you have to be MORE creative about how you go about throwing them, what angles you choose, what combinations, faints, and fakes you utilize, etc.

    For all those that are embarking on 30 day “challenges” or thinking about it, it may help to not think about your limitations but to think instead of your opportunities for creativity.

    I’m on day 2 of my personal challenge (30DOON motherfathers!) and I’m going to ride this positivity and creativity thing for as long as I can. If I suddenly find myself thinking “but what can I eat todaaayyyy??!! I’ve had everything already! And it’s only day 7!” then I can look back at this thread and remember that there’s a MILLION of food choices to create, I just have to … be creative!

    Find something in your life that mimics what you’re trying to do, be it art, sport, nature, or anything in between, and make things work for you. My poetry and boxing analogies resonate with me, but they may not with you, find your thing and go crazy.
    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.