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Going to Thailand for 2 months, vaccination?

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  • Going to Thailand for 2 months, vaccination?

    Hello fellow cavemans and cavewomans. I'm going to travel to thailand in a few weeks and was told that I should get the hepatitis A vaccine.

    What do you guys think about this vaccine, is it necessary?


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    Not required legally from Canada. I was in Thailand for 3 weeks 2 years ago. Went to India this year and did need to get vaccinated (3 different ones).....Thailand was amazing btw.
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      I'm so jealous! Thailand is one of the countries I'm hoping to visit in the next few years.

      I'm not versed in the subject but I don't see anything wrong with vaccination just in case, I would only be weary if there's reported cases of ill effects from getting the vaccine.

      What are you doing in Thailand? either way, chok dee! (good luck) if you don't speak Thai this site might help:
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        I would get it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and all that. Check out the CDC. They also recommend HepB and Typhoid. Sounds pretty similar to what I did for going to Haiti earlier this year, minus the malaria pills. Also, I have heard that the oral typhoid vaccine is more effective than the injection. I ended up getting the injection since that was all they had a the clinic I went to though.


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          I have traveled to other tropical areas (3rd world) but not Thailand (yet). I do keep up the vaccinations for stuff that will kill me, like rabies (I work in some pretty gnarly places) along with typhoid and hepatitis. I usually didn't take the malaria meds unless it was a company requirement and then we took malarone which is one of the better ones out there with fewer side affects. I would advise against taking Larium, it causes increased inter-ocular pressure, visual disturbances and weird nightmares. Also check to make sure your medical insurance covers care in Thailand and medivacing you back to your home country if needed. International SOS is one of the best ones and often have SOS clinics in the country you are visiting. They can also give you advice on vaccinations based on current health risk in the country you are going to.

          Most important thing is to have fun, take lots of pictures and post them when you get back.
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            Also remember to eat as many weird animals as you can. I think my primary drive for travel lately is to eat as many animals as possible. Dog is definitely on the menu.
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              If you are planning to do a lot of trekking / visiting in the far north or east, you might consider it. If you'll be sticking to Bangkok and the beaches, I wouldn't bother. Thailand is cleaner and much safer though less developed than say Mexico. My favorite country in the world (so far), and I've been to maybe 20.
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              Bangkok is not to be missed either. Cultural heart of SE Asia. Way cool town.
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                Looks like I'm going to get the hepatitis A one just to be sure. Just so I don't have to worry about it if I decide to go trekking or something (which is pretty likely :P).

                Thanks guys, you are all so nice khorb koon!

                look out for a thailand-workout video in a few months