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Primal friendly hair gel/wax?

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  • Primal friendly hair gel/wax?

    Hi all,

    I've been poo-less and free of chemical cleansers for ages now, my dandruff has disappeared, my hair is no longer frizzy as hell when long, and my skin feels great.

    What I would like to know though is if anyone knows of a primal friendly way to wax or gel short, but thick and heavy hair? Even in pre-primal days I could never find a chemical gel or wax that didn't disappoint after an hour or so, and 2 weeks after getting my hair cut nothing would work at all. I don't want this to be part of my 20% I have a few ideas but haven't tried anything yet.

    Cheers for any input.


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    I found a recipe for natural hair gel. it just seems to be gelatin. I haven't tried it so have no idea what the outcome would be.


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      I've made a flaxseed hair gel that works really well. Here's a link to the recipe & method I used. Don't be put off by the long explanation - it's quick & simple to make. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

      (p.s. ~ this gel works great even if your hair isn't "curly" per se.)


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        Aloe vera gel works pretty good


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          -insert a There's Something About Mary reference here-


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            Damn man, was coming in here to post this... oh well, I will anyway.


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              LOL you guys. I came in here (*snickers*) to see if anyone mentioned that.


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                i'm poo-less too and always found that the natural oils would cooperate reasonably, especially with a dousing of water first


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                  Originally posted by jimpag View Post
                  Aloe vera gel works pretty good
                  This is less funny but more true
                  The Champagne of Beards