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Primal winter footware on the cheap

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  • Primal winter footware on the cheap

    So I've been wearing my Vibrams almost constantly since I got them in June, and with the weather turning I switched it my coleman boots only to find they hurt so bad now. When I looked up primal footware on the internet I could only find handmade mutluks that cost like $250. Not really attainable on a college salary.

    What can I do to stay warm this winter and not go back to foot ruining tight shoes?

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    What about just a pair of pack boots a size to large? My feet always fit pretty loosely in my winter boots anyway but maybe after a summer of VFF's you might need a size bigger or wider or something.


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      Maybe, but then I worry about sliding inside the boot and getting blisters - my VFF's cling to my feet so I don't worry about blisters.


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        I just wear good socks inside my boots and the boots are soft enough inside that I never have blister problems.