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  • Stri Vectin for stretch marks

    I have a lot of stretch marks from pregnancies and weight gain. Most of them don't bother me, but I have two on one shoulder that reach up close to my neck, and I'd like to try to get rid of them. I got a free 3 week supply of Stri Vectin SD, because I'm a Sephora junkie, and my little tube is almost empty. I have to admit that as well as using it on the two marks, I've been using around my eyes as well for fine lines (it's working).

    After three weeks, the two stretch marks in question do FEEL a lot better. If I run my hand over the area, I can barely feel the ridges anymore. But they only LOOK a little different...they've faded a bit in color. You're supposed to see results within 8 weeks with this product, and I'd like to continue, but a full sized tube is over a hundred dollars.

    Does anyone have experience using Stri Vectin on stretch marks long term? Although I'm seeing some improvement, if I'm going to lay out a good deal of cash, I want to see a BIG improvement.
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