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Urgent detox advice required!! Katherine this may be one for you!

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  • Urgent detox advice required!! Katherine this may be one for you!

    On Saturday I was VERY, VERY stupid. Not only did I fall off the horse, I annoyed it so much it gave me a damned good kicking! I must have consumed around (no, not around, I've done the maths) 450g of carbs (75% of that in the form of alcohol - a 1l bottle of Southern Comfort).

    On Friday, I looked in the mirror and I actually LIKED what I saw for the first time EVER! I had a flat stomach, my midriff bulge had vanished, I had no bulges under my arms - and my size 6 skinny tees were a perfect fit - and this was reflected on the scales. I was well on my way to my 20% BF goal.

    I'd gone to Wycombe shopping for some new clothes (well I was feeling - and looking! - good!). Went to all my usual stores and bought the things I usually buy - including a couple of new tees (which I never bothered to try on - because I'd already got 2 which fitted and these were identical. Except that now, because of my gross, rank stupidity, they don't).

    I need to detox, and I need to do so fast because my self-esteem and self-confidence are zero at the moment; it's also had a profound effect on my fitness (I have a Polar FT60 and I do my Personal Fitness Index test every Sunday (basically a measure of your VO2 output). Before bender: - RHR = 54 and VO2 = 39. After bender: - RHR = 80 and VO2 = 29.

    Yes, there was a reason I got drunk (this is the first time in over a year I've touched alcohol to any significant degree; SC has NEVER given me a hangover before, but I've been feeling ill now for 48 hours). Basically my kid sister has told me she doesn't want me to have anything to do with her wedding, and my mother seems to want to condone this. I've had it out with Catriona, but the last thing she texted me was "You know what your problem is, Sarah? You're paranoid!" and she's just blanking me now. I have to go around pretending it doesn't matter to me, but it does.

    I ended up ratted, getting picked up for being D & D and ended up spending Saturday night down the cop shop.

    I'm sitting here, shaking so much I can hardly type. I know it's only bloat, but that doesn't matter; I've poisoned myself to the tune of 12lb (I've gone from 116 on Friday to 128 this morning!) my belly is swollen and distended (I look pregnant) and I've had the shits something chronic (but if I take loperamide I go the other way very quickly). I've also had a heavy metal drummers' convention holding an impromptu jamming session in my head for the past 2 days.

    I can feel all the 'flab' jiggling around again when I walk (nevermind run!).

    I've been drinking 'double detox' tea ( - basically 1 Detox bag with 1 Liver Detox) but it's not really helping.

    Have I just undone months of work in one night of idiocy? Any help as to what to eat/drink/take would be appreciated. I'd PM CillaKat, but if I do that too often, I fear she'll start charging for services rendered!

    Please, no lectures (I've berated myself enough and I don't need anyone else to do so!)

    Thank you

    Sarah xxx
    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    Drink lots of water and give it time. It will work itself out. Don't over-complicate things,..try to move a lot, go to the loo a lot and try yo relax and not obsess.

    We all know that you have a lot of stress in your family and the sister situation is ugly, nevertheless, look after yourself first. Make yourself a priority in your life.
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      Originally posted by Shrinking_Violet View Post
      Have I just undone months of work in one night of idiocy? Any help as to what to eat/drink/take would be appreciated.
      You've not undone anything. Just make different choices today. You were just using some extreme 80% the other night.

      What to eat/drink/take: eat meat/fish and veggies, drink water, and take any vites you usually take (D, mag, etc.). Go easy on yourself, get rest as you need it, and try to eat really simply these next couple of days (meat and veggies, meat and veggies...) Avoiding higher carb foods (like certain fruits, nuts/seeds and some dairy) may be helpful in 'detoxing'--or kicking the carb cravings that can ensue after a big carb splurge.

      Just stick to primal and it will sort itself out. It doesn't feel good, but its a learning experience (and now you'll have these not-so-fond memories to think of next time you see a bottle of SC! )

      ETA: Check out this MDA blogpost on hangover prevention and cures:

      You canít always avoid hangovers. For some, they are inevitable, along with death and taxes. If youíve got a hangover, here are the basic ways to improve your situation, and I wonít mention the stuff annoying people always suggest, like ďtimeĒ or ďpreventionĒ (however accurate they may be).

      Take an aspirin. Itís a basic anti-inflammatory thatís safe and relatively effective.
      Drink coffee, which can actually reduce the swelling of blood vessels in the head that may be causing your headache. Itís good for fatigue, too, and its reputation as a diuretic is highly exaggerated.
      Drink bone broth, which provides electrolytes and minerals.
      Drink something with electrolytes. Make the Primal electrolyte-enhanced beverage or drink the original: coconut water.
      Exercise. It may be the furthest thing from your mind, but a healthy bout of sweaty, intense activity (it could be anything, really) always seemed to help me deal with the aftermath. Keep it brief and intense.
      IV electrolyte drip. Iíve heard tales of nurses hooking themselves up to IV drips after a wild night and being right as rain after a few minutes. Iím sure it works, but how many of us have access to IV drips?
      Eat eggs, which are high in cysteine Ė think NAC. Although NAC is far more effective as a preventive measure, it appears to have some efficacy after the hangover has been established, too. NAC supplementation may work here, too, but Iíve also heard that it makes the hangover worse for some people. Exercise caution and see what works for you.
      Eat coconut, which is also high in potassium. If youíve got a raging hangover, youíre probably low in potassium.
      Here is a primal hangover thread: There is advice from multiple folks including cillakat which you may find helpful.
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        Originally posted by Shrinking_Violet View Post
        I'd PM CillaKat, but if I do that too often, I fear she'll start charging for services rendered!
        Actually, if you check out cillakat's journal, I believe she had a carby splurge that involved wine, right before settling into feeling awesome in ketosis (after 8 weeks of feeling crappy in it). I can't remember the details exactly, but it would be worth reading through it.)

        Also, for some reason, I feel much better after a night of drinking if I eat a really fatty meal first thing.

        Good luck feeling better soon!
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          getting some exercise usually helps too, sweat some of it out, Just don't over do it you'll feel tired pretty quick, A brisk walk is usually enough. Try and let it go, Depression usually kicks in as a glorious byproduct of alcohol, It will pass. just be patient. Eat some great food and focus on the things you are thankful for.


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            Thanks you lot. Good to know I still have friends on here (even though I don't have any in real life).

            I used to be alcohol-dependent (though I was NEVER an alcoholic). Tesco used to do a SC-alike, called Spirit of Louisiana which was half the price of the 'real thing'. Spirits/liqueurs NEVER used to give me hangovers - I only ever used to get them from cheap and nasty beers, lagers and ciders (you used to be able to buy 3l bottles of 'cider' (quotes because they'd never seen an apple) for about £3; it's what we used for a cheap night out when we were students. It was REALLY nasty stuff (particularly White Lightning; which I think has now been banned (or at least removed from sale) because at its 'pocket money' price it was very attractive to tweens and teens (many of whom had an older sibling more than willing to purchase it). There used to be horror stories of kids on housing estates 'blowing out' their livers with it. It was pure poison. It nearly killed me when I was a student. It's deceptive stuff because you don't start feeling ratted until you've consumed quite a bit of it, by which time, if you can't tolerate it, you're already looking at a trip down A&E.

            It looked just like lemonade (in fact, that's what kids used to do; decant it into an old lemonade bottle so as not to get picked up by the plod).

            I was sleeping rough last year (it's about 32 out there at the moment - but last year I was out in -10 (yes, -10F, NOT C!). I kept being chucked out of hostels because the staff decided I wasn't co-operating/engaging (look, I have AS, I don't appreciate people just turning up en spec, but no-one'd listen to me!). So I started buying SoL and drinking myself comatose. Waking up (which unfortunately I did every single morning) with your trousers frozen to you because you'd lost bladder control in the night is not dignified at any age - but especially not when you're 35!

            I miss Liverpool; the only downer is my fuckhead of an ex is over the river on the Wirral (50 joints a day when I was seeing him; and to quote him "cannabis psychosis is a disorder dreamt up by the govt to justify the reclassification of cannabis as Class B" says the 43-year-old fuckwit who's absolutely textbook!)

            Wish I could "settle nicely in ketosis", Lauren; I low-carbed for a month (and by that I mean no more than 25g a day, all from veggies) never happened. Wish it would. Would make IF so much easier.

            I'd really LOVE to be in Edinburgh right now - probably my favouritest city in the whole island. I'd rather live in Edinburgh than anywhere else. It'll never happen though - I'll have to settle for Liverpool next spring.

            Hugs all,

            Sarah xxx
            La tristesse durera toujours...


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              Lots and lots and lots of water, first off.

              Second off, and I say this with all due respect, NOT EVERYTHING IS AN EMERGENCY. You are treating a 12-pound water-weight gain like it's the end of the world. PLEASE LIGHTEN UP DAMMIT. This is not an emergency.
              Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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                yeah i agree. a life is a life and sarah isn't living hers to the best of her ability at the moment, but some of us are hoping she'll get the help she needs and turn it around and realise that a size 6-8 is FREAKING TINY!!!

                if you want to live in edinburgh (where you CAN still buy white lightening) then put yourself on the council register? surely you can apply for housing here like anyone else? we have more supermarkets where you can buy cheap cuts of meat.

                re low-carbing - some people just don't do well with it. it's better (i believe) for higher fat people who want/need to lose a fair bit from the get go. you have to realise you are in the "Last 10lbs" category - which is the hardest to shift and will require sticking to the same way of eating for many months, as well as having a varied exercise plan. i doubt low carb will help you at this stage of your weight loss...

                i've reported ferns post - i won't stand for Sarah's swearing and outbursts, and likewise will not stand for it from anyone else. Please behave people!!
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                  S_V, fwiw, I've not stuck in ketosis either for more than a couple days/a week and maybe during fasts, etc...I think cilla's transition was 8 weeks of awfulness b/4 feeling great and I only shared b/c it was interesting she had a non-primal splurge b/4 settling into her sweet spot. (I wouldn't worry a/b ketosis if I were you. Also, folks can be keto-adapted but not IN ketosis all the time eating a bit higher carb.)

                  Cillakat, if I'm remembering what you've shared inaccurately, please correct me!
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                    my advice would follow some of those above. that is, drink water, make good choices now, get plenty of rest and plenty of exercise.

                    as it is good for the liver, i might also recommend a sauna and/or a bikram/hot yoga class. It's great for detoxing and loosing a lot of water weight quickly. while i don't practice/teach bikram myself, i try to take a hot yoga class at the beginning of each season, and i try to sauna about once a week. it just does me good.

                    also, if you want to live in a particular place, begin figuring out how to get there. we wanted to live in wellington, nz for 3 years before it happened, but here we are! it's worth the effort.