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  • WeightMirror???

    I'm not exactly sure why this freaks me out so much...but it does.

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    it looks like all it's doing is stretching horizontally, either in or out. If you watch her hands, they really don't change.
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      I like to see myself thinner. Probably not accurate.
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        It makes me look heavier than I think I am....maybe it's an anorexia-promotion tool? Doesn't help that the face stays basically unchanged, but the hips are also curiously broad when I put in 107lbs and 62.5". I end up with something that looks like the size I was BEFORE primal.

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          Yeah it seems to shrink the middle. I just did it at my current weight and then 40lbs lighter because that is about where I should be and her face didn't change at all, her clavicles didn't change either just her forearms and midsection and thighs.
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            Uh huh..... Apparently if I lose 42lbs my right thigh gets skinny but my right arm stays big... I am amused, but kinda hope people don't take this seriously :/


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                This is very popular on another forum I used to hang out on. Apparently it helps with visualisation. Personally, I don't want to just be a narrower version of my current self. I want more muscle definition, I don't so much care if I'm narrower so long as I'm buff
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                  Yeah, I agree with Em. ALl it did was make me look narrower, it didn't take away any fat rolls. No fun! If I lose 20 pounds those damn love handles had better be gone too!!!! And heck, that linea alba should be making an appearance!

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                    AHHHH!!!!!! *runs screaming to eat a pizza!*

                    Apparently if I lose weight the bone structure of my face is going to collapse in on itself. More ice cream please and pass the doritos!