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Have a ganglion cyst in my right (dominant) wrist. Any Primal remedies?

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  • Have a ganglion cyst in my right (dominant) wrist. Any Primal remedies?

    Hi PBers. So I have a ganglion cyst in the back (non-palm) side of my wrist, it's been there for more years than I can remember, at least a good 8-9 (I'm 24 by the way). At the moment and for the last year or so it's been dormant so that if I flex my wrist I can see it and it's still hard but small and doesn't cause any pain or discomfort. Prior to that I would suffer flare-ups where it would fill with fluid, become tender, and severely affect my wrist mobility. Once it was so bad I had to immobilize it for an entire week. I think those episodes correlate with periods of heavy use and stress of the joint, but I honestly don't know.

    I'm just starting on the program outlined in the PBF ebook, and I am concerned about the LHT exercises. I feel three of the five (push-ups, shoulder press, plank) putting significant stress on my right wrist, and I would like to keep it functional. For the moment I am easing into things, hoping that a gradual ramp up will minimize issues: one set per session instead of two, and only once a week.

    I'm looking for any advice or resources that could help me out. Nutrition, exercises to get the wrist acclimated, advice as to whether my proposed training schedule is appropriate, anything.

    Some other background info: From a high-starch (rice and pasta), essentially vegetarian diet with some meat every two weeks or so, I started eating Primally just a little less than two weeks ago, and the results of the self-assessment exercises were knee push-ups, full squats, jacknife press, and hand-knee plank (god that's embarrassing for someone who thought he was in decent shape). No pull-up results as I need to find a spot to be able to do them first. I'm 5'11, 125-130 lbs, one of those guys that can eat unholy amounts of food and not gain a pound. Obviously my goal with PB is not to lose weight! What really got me to switch at first was the article on insulin and diabetes, as my family has a history there. Reading more I was (am) really impressed by the consistently high quality of the content. It's refreshing to find a health-focused site that both eschews CW and the nonsense hippy-dippy ideas in favor of simple, effective pragmatism.

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    FWIW, I have a ganglion cyst as well (left wrist, non-palm side) and I have never had any swelling of it, though I've been a personal trainer and regular weight-lifter for over 10 years. I'm doing the PB Fitness workout as well and have had no problems. Easing into the exercises is a good idea, regardless of any other issues!

    Everyone is different, though and if it starts swelling again, I would suggest having it aspirated by a doc, rather than putting up with the pain. I'm 47, female and have had this cyst as long as I can remember (definitely since I was 11!)

    Check out this link for more info.
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      I have had several ove the years and I have had them drained and had steroid treatments and even tried the old smack it with a book and rupture it...

      Just do what you want and if it becomes painful look for a sport medicine person to help. I say this bc it is in a joint and limiting range of motion, so sports med doc will know what to do .

      Sadly I currently have several in my feet. The wrists are all clear for now. :/
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        That's a good call on the sport medicine. I knew about aspiration, but was and still am wary due to how much I heard it hurts, which I could survive once, but since my cyst would fill up and empty by itself I'm afraid it would only be temporary, until the next time it decides to fill up. Anybody know a practitioner of sports medicine in the SF bay area?


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          Aspiration is only temporary, as is removal for some people. Removal leads to scar tissue too, and we frequently see return customers with that.

          You can try the smack it with a book, it has to be a huge book

          You can also try massaging it to help it drain.

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            I just had a ganglion cyst drained a few weeks ago and I didn't find it very painful at all. The most painful thing for me was the shot of novacaine. Mine is on my big toe joint.

            The doctor said it will likely come back, but it could be a year from now or ten years from now. Totally worth it for me.


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              I had one in my wrist that limited range of motion. After being aspirated 5 times (roughly every 8 months), my orthopedist removed it. The only issue I ran into was that my surgeon didn't think occupationally therapy was initially necessary for recovery, and I had some scar tissue build up in the joint, limiting motion again.

              6 weeks of OT and I've been fine since, short of now being able to predict weather with my wrist.