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Improved Posture?!?!

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  • Improved Posture?!?!

    I must admit, I am a sloucher and I have been one for a while. I have only been Primal for 2 weeks, but have been noticing a change in posture over the past few days. As I passed a few store windows this morning I realized how proper my posture was. I'm not quite sure if it is the building muscle in my core, or just my new found confindence that has me holding my head high and walking tall. Either way, I'm loving it!

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    Possibly both. I know that my grandmother's incessant nagging about sitting up straight didn't do anything until I started building up core strength :-D


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      I have also noticed that I stand straighter. For years I would pass by mirrors and see that my head was situated on my shoulders like a vulture, head slung forward and low. Now when I walk by reflections I'm happy to see my head and shoulders in the proper position. Much better for me, and much better looking!
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        I started paying more attention to my posture a few years before I found the PB, specifically the Alexander Technique. But, after going primal, my gut/core felt sooo much better that good strong posture came much more naturally. Also switching to vibrams/barefoot.


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          I have not yet tried vibrams. Can you really tell a big difference when wearing them? I think they might be my 30 or 60 day "reward" to myself. (Oh, and I see that you are from Cleveland. Woohoo! I'm originally from the Cleveland area and miss it greatly!)


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            There's something amusingly ironic that as we eat and live more like a Neanderthal, we adopt a MORE upright posture. You'd think we'd gradually slump forward until walking on our knuckles.

            Vibrams help me, for sure. Which is also kinda funny....I lose the 1-2" heel on conventional shoes, but walk taller. At 5ft 2ish that matters

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              Originally posted by AngieG View Post
              Can you really tell a big difference when wearing them?
              oh yes. the whole way I stand on my feet has changed. Now when I walk, sometimes my heels never touch the ground. Walking like this pretty much guarantees that my core is engaged and I'm standing nice and straight.

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                I have really noticed this too. Even sitting here at my work desk I'm sitting up straight. I think it's more core strength than eating weird, though.
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