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Flu shot in the first trimester?

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  • Flu shot in the first trimester?

    Hi all,

    I just found out last week that I'm pregnant (about 4 weeks along) and during my first pregnancy consultation yesterday my OBGYN strongly recommended I get a flu vaccine as soon as possible. I am very much against getting a flu shot in general, let alone while in my first trimester of pregnancy. I don't even think I've ever had the flu. However, I want to do what is best for the little one. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    When I was pregnant w/both kids I got the flu vaccine. Last year I stood in line for 5hrs to get the H1N1 vaccine as I was traveling to mexico 4wks later. I've had the flu while pregnant and it wasn't fun - my MW almost put me in the hospital... as I couldnt get out of bed for 1 week. B/c your immune system is lowered - to allow you to carry the baby - it doesn't work as well, to fight infection, which is one reason why drs recommend the vaccine. Some people are anti vaccine, some people aren't. They do have preservative free vaccines - so you can always ask for that (most peditratians carry it, and will off it if asked) If you're unsure - explain this to your concerns to your dr and ask him to explain the pros/cons to getting the vaccine. a good OB will your concerns and respect your decision... if he/she doesn't find a different OB....
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      DON'T DO IT!

      I am looking for a specific article but this can get you started.

      If you eat Paleo/Primally and get enough rest. Your body is actually stronger to avoid the flu. Do you really want to put these crazy untested chemicals in your growing baby? I don't think the shot is necessary for anyone unless you have an autoimmune disease or something.
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        Just wanted to say Congratulations!


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          I agree not to do it. DO make sure you are getting sufficient Vitamin D. I have been taking 8,000 IUs for over a year and never got sick once!
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            I agree that you should not get the shot. I am at work so no time to search but if you go to and search for flu shot you will have many reasons not to do it.

            I want to add that I LOVE Mike Adams, but I do not at all agree with him on dietary choices. He eats whole grains and beans and seems to lean towards a vegan diet.
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              If you're going to do it, why not wait until the 2nd trimester? It's not even peak flu season yet.

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                Absolutely do not get it.


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                  I've never heard of getting flu vaccine during pregnancy! but then your health system will be different to ours. Personally I wouldn't do it as I am anti vaccine but at the end of the day it's your body and baby. Congratulations!


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                    As a military member i am required to get the flu shot every year. They will not give it to pregnant members until after 14 weeks. If you do decide to get it you would probably want to wait.

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                      NO WAY!

                      Just be sure to stay away from the sugar this fall/winter, which will hammer your immune system, and down you'll go.
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                        I got it in my second trimester only because I was getting on a plane to Hawaii. And planes are like huge flu/cold breeding grounds. Plus your immune system is almost nothing when you are pregnant, or else you would reject your fetus as a foreign contaminant. I'm not totally anti-vaccine but I am pretty anti-flu vaccine, and never considered taking it until I was pregnant - and like i said - getting on a plane full of potentially sick people.


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                          The only time I would vaccinate myself or my kids with any flu shot is if one of them was immuno-compromised or a newborn. My baby got the H1N1 last year when she was very very ill and her getting the flu could have pushed her over the edge and killed her. Otherwise, I am not a proponent of fly vaccines at all.

                          Having said that, I have a good friend who is a virologist (as is her husband who worked on the H1N1 vaccine for a while) and she is newly pregnant and got the flu vaccines because her pregnancy is high risk. He gets the flu vaccine every year as well (but only started after he got the flu was bedridden for two weeks).


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                            Why do you want to have a chemical injected into your body that our CDC has admitted is of no effect. According to numerous reports I encountered while surfing the Internet the past few months the flu vaccine purportedly has been banned in Europe and Australia.

                            Don't do it.
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