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    I have a question and I hope it's not really dumb, but what effect(if any?) does diet have on scar tissue and how it forms? If your diet is supreme are you less likely to scar? Or would that make it more likely since it's the body repairing and healing? Do you think there any way to reverse scarring through nutrition?

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    Your skin's tendency to scar (assuming its skin we're talking about here, but also applicable to internal scar tissue) depends on several factors: inflammation, healing time, moisture, genetic proneness, etc. It also has to do with the hyaluronic acid levels in your body, which decline with age. A diet high in hyaluronic acid (sweet potatoes and bone broth are good sources) and nutrients important for skin healing (zinc, magnesium, Vitamin A, etc.) may have some effect. In general, eating primal should help with healing wounds due to its being far less inflammatory than the SAD, and I doubt it would increase your chances of scarring.

    Old scar tissue will typically stay the same unless you break it up with strong acids or a process like needling. Your body treats scar tissue the same way as normal skin, and will not suddenly wake up and realize that a scar is there and start cannibalizing it when you eat a healthier diet. HOWEVER, when the dense scar tissue is broken up or dissolved, healthy skin with new collagen has a chance to take its place, and eating a healthy diet should help with this process.

    Topical agents like copper peptide and hyaluronic acid serums may be helpful in repressing the formation of scar tissue, and combining them with a good diet may make their benefits even more apparent.

    I'm still scarring from acne since going primal a few months ago, and my older scars look the same, but maybe after a year there'll be a difference. Reversing scarring takes a LOT of patience.
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      I've been taking These for fibrosis in various areas of my body and am having astounding success with them already.


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        Originally posted by QuirkyPixy View Post
        Old scar tissue will typically stay the same unless you break it up with strong acids or a process like needling.
        How does one do this?

        The scar tissue that I speak of is internal. Although I'm not sure that mine is 'old' yet it's been a few months and I'm still healing, but it has formed.


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          What type of internal scar tissue? Is it abdominal? If so mayan massage or self scar massage is the best way to go since the scar tissue is still 'new' in the terms of scars.

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            Is the OP talking about adhesions when she mentions "internal scarring"? If so, getting massages in the area of surgery works well. Let the therapist know you'd like your adhesions broken down, and he/she will know how to proceed. The sooner you can get started on this, the better. Once they are really set in place (as opposed to just forming), they can be painful to release.
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              I'm honestly not sure what I mean. I had my breasts re-augmented in late August and one of them became extremely swollen to the point that I had to go in for a second procedure to have all the fluid removed(I had a hematoma). Mind you my diet was terrible at this point and I wonder if the swelling wouldn't have occurred if I was healthier... The problem breast is now very soft(when you get implants they can be hard when they're new, sometimes hard implants or hardening implants is a bad sign pointing towards complications) but it is still sitting higher than the other(which healed perfectly). I've heard of cases where scar tissue forms that prevents the implant from dropping all the way into place, I figure that's my issue. Saw the doc yesterday, he confirmed what I suspected but said that because I'm still healing and the capsule is still forming that massaging(pushing the implant into the pocket with my hands) will help it drop into place and break up the scar tissue. Worst case scenario is that massaging won't do much and he'll have to surgically release the capsule(which honestly I'd prefer at this point 'cause it would be quicker but whateva).

              I'm definitely going to look up these massage techniques, the option that doesn't require anesthesia is usually the best!


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                I had a cut-like split on the edge of my nostril that would not heal with numerous other products for over 9 months. I tried hydrocortione cream which usually works well on blemishes; I tried other agressive lotions, including ones with alpha-hydroxy. None of these worked. When I discovered Dr Max Powers SCAR SERUM, it worked within a couple of weeks, completely healed the split back to totally normal. You need to be patient for whatever number of days that the skin still has a peel-able layer. Eventually it will completely smooth out. My experience reflects what "The Lil Scar that Could" says, that it works for healing and preventing a scar more so than getting rid of an existing scar. I believe it can work to improve existing scars, if not remove them, especially if one if persistant. This serum goes a LONG way on small cuts or blemishes that can create a scar if left untreated.