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primal food poisoning recovery foods?

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  • primal food poisoning recovery foods?

    Yesterday morning I got food poisoning from some duck eggs (with runny yolks), and, prior to going primal, I would always follow the BRAT diet for recovery from intense bouts of vomiting and/or diarrhea. But, as you may know, the R and T stand for rice and toast (B = bananas, which I have eaten several, A = applesauce, or what I've done, just kind of suck on apple slices, not really chewing them). I've been drinking coconut water to try to rehydrate, but now, 24 hours later, I feel like I need something more substantial. Any advice? I may eat some white rice anyway, just because it sounds really appetizing. But white bread dipped in chicken broth also sounds really appetizing right now, too :-/

    CW tells you to eat refined grains to recover from food poisoning, and the few times I have been really sick with vomiting/diarrhea, eating rice, pasta (no sauce), white bread, etc. HAS made me feel better. Do these foods have a place in the primal diet? Anyone have any other advice or tips?


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    I would say continue to eat as normal (primal foods), guided by appetite. The PB itself is a healing diet.

    Having said that, I don't think white rice will do you harm if you really want it.
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      I was dreadfully sick recently. I find the best way to deal with it is to fast for a day or so, drinking only water. Then I roasted myself some lamb in cider.


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        Thanks for replying. Problem is, primal food isn't the least bit appetizing right now. I can't imagine eating any meat, or even any vegetables. Maybe not even for a few more days. I was REALLY sick, got so empty that I was throwing up yellow bile for hours and was so weak I couldn't stand. Fruit and grainy-carbs are what I am craving right now (and I haven't had any such cravings since going 90-100% primal at the end of August). I have had some chicken broth, too, but that doesn't feel substantial enough today. I may "cheat" and just listen to what my body is saying, and have some rice, and more bananas and apple bits, and broth. I'm just not sure how to go about re-introducing solid foods outside of what I just listed. There is plenty of CW advice for recovering from food poisoning, and how to eat in the days following the illness, but I am reluctant to follow it.


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          Try a variation on Chicken noodle soup: Chix broth, carrot, celery, other veggies as you desire, chicken, and zucchini strips, chopped spinach, or carrot shavings to serve as "noodles." Works for me as a reintroduction to solid foods. there are ginger ales out there without much sugar, if any, too.
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            Nut breads would work fro toast. yogurt would be good too, if you can handle dairy. Potatoes, yams, higher carby tubers would be nice and non grain.


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                Rice is not at "BAD" as other carbs, it basically has very little nutrients, thats why we dont let it use up our carbs. But If I were in your shoes I would have a good broth over some rice, maybe a sweet potato with butter. Easily digested starchey carbs do make you feel better after going through that!
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                  Try some sprouted bread! When I last had food poisoning, I bought some Ezekiel bread. It satisfied my desire for starch and left no feelings of discomfort.

                  For any nausea or stomach discomfort, make some ginger tea. You can also take chewable DGL (de-glycyrrhizinated licorice extract); it works wonders for an upset stomach. Hope you feel better! :]