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  • Prolonged QT ??

    I hope someone can chime in on this, but itís probably way off topic.

    My sister (age 29) for many years has near fainted almost every time her period started. Itís been happening since she was a young girl. Sometimes the episodes are pretty bad where it looks like sheís really going to pass out and she always becomes very pale, sweats profusely, etc, and eventually it all passes and sheís back to normal after a few hours. She also has some autism/learning disabilities which I donít think play a part in this at all but makes it so sheís more scared and less co-operative when it happens.

    For a while she was on the pill to prevent this but we didnít want her to take that for too long so eventually she stopped. Everything was calm for over a year but yesterday she had another episode so she was rushed to the emergency room. They ran an EKG and the doctor said everything was within normal ranges but that she had a ďprolonged QTĒ I got a copy of her scan and the QT number was 480. Some research led me to sources that explain why she almost faints. I canít access them at work but will post them later on. The doctor didnít mention anything about Long QT syndrome which can even result in sudden death, needless to say some of the stuff I found was pretty scary. Seems to affect women in my sisterís age primarily. Thereís also some history in the family of what happens to my sister so it may be hereditary (happens to my mom and to my dadís sister almost in identical fashion, in the case of my fatherís sister she also gets frequent migraines which the doc asked if my sister did but she doesnít, rarely does she even get headaches.)

    Iím still learning about QT and if itís reversible, I know itís treatable with medication but I was wondering if thereís anything we can do at home to lessen the risks of an attack.

    Iím using this scare to get my family to listen to me a little more. I feel a bit shady but itís with their best interest in mind. Iím asking them to please start including more veggies in their diet in place of grains and legumes, all their veggies are either salads or in soups but never as a stir fry or as a warm side and never in significant quantities. Iím asking my mom to start using coconut oil to cook and getting away from vegetable oil, told her itís better for her arteries, etc and to at least consider it. Sheís receptive for now and they all said theyíll make an effort so that itís not just my sister on a ďspecial dietĒ (read: primal!) but the family as a whole. The only problem is itís not the first time Iíve tried and in the past it was CW ďhealthyĒ whole grain everything so naturally theyíre like wtf make up your mind!

    How about supplementation? As it stands she takes some fish oil and vitamin D but not enough of either. A pill a day at most but I can get her to take more. Iím trying to get my whole family on a healthier level so Iím asking them all to take more D and fish oil since all our meat is conventional. The dream would be for us to buy grass fed (they liked what they tried from my now empty ďstashĒ) and eat a lot more greens, healthy fats, etc etc, slowly but surely Iím going to get them all there. I just want to take it slow but use this as a platform.

    Weíre going to take my sister to a cardiologist to see if her QT numbers are of concern or not, and to see if she needs medication to control or subdue it.

    If anybody has ever had any experience with this Iíd appreciate some input. Thanks guys!
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    I had no idea what "prolonged QT" was so here's a link:


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      Thanks for the link! It's similar to what I found but explains in easier to understand terms. I'm still digging around but it seems like she can definitely benefit from cleaning up her diet a bit. In the case of my sister in many ways she is child-like due to her "disabilities" so sometimes it's a challenge but if you cook it for her she'll eat it. She also does know how to make her own rice, pasta, etc so when we're not around it's tough to control that, which is why I'm asking my mom to cut back on buying these things. It's an uphill battle but one I'm not going to give up on.
      I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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        Long QT IS something to worry about for sure. It sounds like maybe your sister should have a stress test but maybe also test for any kind of anemia or something since she has episodes around her period? But again some of the forms of Long QT syndrome have episodes that are triggered by emotional stress. Perhaps the discomfort, etc of her period is a trigger for her. At any rate a stress test SHOULD show the long QT which may or may not be present at rest. If you have other family that have similar symptoms I would doubly recommend at least SOMEONE get tested. Long QT CAN be managed but it tends to kill people by sending them into Ventricular Fibrillation if you don't know you have it and how to manage it and so on. Definitely follow up on it!