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  • What the...??

    The scale says I lost 10 lbs, but I look the same, and my clothes fit the same. Did I lose fat and gain muscle? That soft belly doesn't look like a stone-hard six pack to me! What the heck is going on?

    P.S. The scale is not defective... In fact, I've tried three different ones.

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    Good job. You may not notice, but the others around you might.
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      There was a shift in gravity yesterday with the time change. Seems like a solar nucleons-whatever storm (I'm not good with the geeky physics language) will reduce gravity gradually for a while, with a peek in two days around 3pm (eastern time). Apparently, it's the best time to try to jump off a very high building. Don't worry, you'll land perfectly safe since you'll weigh very little, just remember to swing your arms vigorously in the air and to wear a sweet cape.


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        Originally posted by skink531 View Post
        Good job. You may not notice, but the others around you might.
        Thanks! I do feel great, which is what really matters!


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          Well then Congrats would be in order, got to love when that happens
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