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  • Wrist tattooing

    There seems to be a fair proportion of inked-up guys and gals around here, so I'm hoping someone is in the know...

    I'm getting a new tattoo tomorrow around my wrist, I have heard many a second-hand horror story about how much it hurts getting it done on the wrist, you know... "Oh, my friend's cousin's aunt had that and it kills!" Kinda thing.

    Anyone been there, done that and can enlighten me. Won't stop me of course, but will let me know whether I should drop a valium before I go
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    I don't have one on my wrist, although I considered getting a dove on the inside of my left wrist. I have one on the top of my foot though. I was told how horrible it would be, but I didn't think it was too bad.

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      Have one on my wrist. Was expecting the worst. It really isn't. Totally overhyped.
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        Thanks guys, That makes me feel a bit better
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          Among others, I have a very large tattoo running from my wrist to my elbow (and hopefully eventually on up to the shoulder.) I also have a tattoo on the top of my foot.

          With both I was told "It's gonna hurt! Oh it's gonna hurt so bad." You know... not so much. The top of the foot was easy. With the wrist there were a couple of spots that gave me a twinge but it wasn't bad. I guess it really depends on how well you take pain.


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            Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
            Among others, I have a very large tattoo running from my wrist to my elbow (and hopefully eventually on up to the shoulder.) .
            Really? Very cool, do you have any photos on the forum??

            Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
            I guess it really depends on how well you take pain.
            I'm a woman and a mother, I take it pretty well
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              I only have one tattoo (on my hip) but I feel pretty confident in saying that getting a tattoo anywhere isn't going to compare to giving birth.


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                I have some script on my wrist...DH has the same tattoo. He got his first and whined like a baby. Cringed and acted like it was the worst tattoo pain ever. I got mine and didn't really feel a thing. It was uncomfortable in some places, but I've definitely felt worse tattoo pain. *shrug*

                I'm getting some new tattoo's tomorrow! Three greyhound portraits on my right arm Yay, ink!
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                  It all hurts. It will never be painless.
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                    the wrist did sting alitle more than the forearm, but its not so bad


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                      I have tattoos wrapped around both of my wrists. The left one actually has artwork on that little pointy bone. That hurt a lot. I actually felt like I had an out of body experience while that part was being done. The rest of the work around my wrists didn't really feel any different from any of the other tattoos I have. So yeah, little pointy bone = pain. I should mention that I have very skinny wrists without much cushioning, so maybe it will be different for others with more fleshy wrists.


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                        Im actually a tattoo artist here in San Francisco, so I guess i have some experience. Yes it hurts! for a tattoo the size that your getting its not worth taking anything, and advil, tylenol, Do nothing for that kind of pain. Best thing to do is eat an hour so before (not really an issue for PB folks.) and avoid alcohol the day before and caffeine the day of, or at least a few hours before. The pain has more to do with the amount and density of nerve endings in a particular spot, i.e. the ribs and arm pit are very dense, while the deltoids are not. elbow, dense. Behind the ear, not.
                        My advice other than choose a good tattooer, (look online at portfolios from shops in your area, Look for clean, non wobbly lines, Tattoos should look dark and saturated not grey and washy, that stuff doesn't last. Bold will hold) is to get into the pain. Dont grip and squeeze to try to bear the pain, this actually floods your capillaries and will stimulate the nerve endings, thus more pain. instead, just let the pain go through you. Its a rite of passage getting a tattoo and it is pretty damn primal, So embrace it.
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                          Way back when, I thought getting a cute newt tattoo around my belly button would be a snap. Boy, was I WRONG! Worst. Pain. Ever.
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                            Forgot to add this in the last post:
                            Worst places to get a tattoo in order of most to least painfull:
                            •crease between buttocks and back of thigh.
                            •back, particularly low back
                            •top of foot
                            •back of the knee
                            •inside of elbow, Called the ditch
                            -everywhere else is pretty bearable or not a great place to get a tattoo anyway.


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                              I want to get a tattoo on my wrist as well. My first was a tattoo of otter prints on both sides of my stomach. Not the best feeling, but it wasn't painful enough to keep me from wanting another one!

                              Edit: It probably didn't help that I'm a bit ticklish, so after the adrenaline kicked in, I had to tense up to keep from squirming (probably counterproductive). The vibrations from the needle nearly drove me nuts!
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