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ANyone else is the inconsistency?

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  • ANyone else is the inconsistency?

    20 grams of carb a day is NOT healthy or appropriate for anyone...your body is speaking loudly to you. You are harming your body and brain functioning. Eat at least 100-130 grams of carbohydrate daily---along with your healthy SP range for calories, protein and fat!!!

    dietitian becky
    The lower end of your SP carb range is 45% of your calorie needs, based on national nutrition recommendations. And 130 grams of carb daily for healthy, active adults is a minimum. Are you setting your program for weight loss? Do you have a strenuous exercise program?
    You may want to make your SP food tracker public, then we can provide more helpful ideas.

    Dietitian Becky

    Actually the first quote is the one she posted after I posted about the 45% already.
    She never does address MY responses to people I find it amusing.

    My response to the second quote;
    HOw do you feel? Are you achieving your goals? If so then maybe you are getting enough carbs for YOUR body.

    I know that if I eat 45% of my calories from carbs I will not lose weight. Actually anything over 40% and I gain.

    As long as you feel well, and can do what you want to be able to do I seriously wouldn't worry about it.
    In the one thread I responded with a similar thing and although she posted again after that she didn't even make and reference to it. I wonder if she ever

    Actually the first quote is the one she posted after I posted about the 45% already. No mention of how some people need less, no admitting that.

    I researched her a bit, apparently she went to school in the 80s obviously she doesn't keep up with her own field since the Nutrition Journal even recognizes that we probably need less carbs than the Food pyramid tells us. I posted that article on SP and she never responded.

    My MDA journal

    Primal Ponderings- my blog- finally added some food pron :P

    And best of all my Body Fat Makeover!!