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    1. Giving up diet coke. I decided after four weeks of mostly PB that I would also have to ditch my morning daily dose of 500 mls of diet coke (what an addict I was!). When I made the decision, I sat on the floor and cried - no joke! First week was awful and I felt weepy and miserable all the time. But then I started to feel the benefit and lose the cravings. I now have a morning bottle of ice cold, carbonated water and really look forward to it. Who wuda thunk it?

    2. Not having cereal for breakfast. I was always STARVING as soon as I woke up and would run downstairs for a bowl of cereal with cold milk. Transitioning to scrambled eggs was hard as it doesn't push the same buttons and takes more prep and time. But now I have a full "lunch"-type breakfast most mornings (scrambled eggs, smoked salmon with lemon juice and pepper, some cottage cheese, as well as a baby leaf salad with a cider apple and wholegrain mustard dressing) and I really look forward to it and savour it. It was really a case of turning off the switch in my head that said breakfast = grains and milk and allowing myself to enjoy a whole other type of taste. I get grumpy now if I have to miss out on my yummy brekkie

    3. Getting enough sleep. I found it very hard to hit the stairs at 10pm as our toddler is only in bed at 8 so there's a very short period in which to have dinner, have a chat and watch some recorded TV. But I'm forcing myself to do it and certainly do feel better and more rested when I go up early and have a good stretch of sleep.


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      1. Willpower (ditching the grains was fine but not gorging on gluten-free baked goods or almond butter was tough)
      2. Moving around a lot slowly - had no idea what to do and where and how to fit it into my schedule, until I found yoga
      3. Learning to listen to my body and how to IF


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        All are being addressed starting today.
        Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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          1. Giving up my oatmeal at breakfast. I made it in a somewhat unique way with eggs, and the process of creating was more of a soothing ritual than I realized. After a month of eating less and less oatmeal every morning, I abruptly switch to bacon and eggs and made a new ritual out of chopping the onion and tomato and shredding the spinach.

          2. Playing more. I think this is still my biggest challenge. It ought to be easy--I have four kids--but it's a work in progress!

          3. Giving up my chronic cardio (Jazzercise). I gave it up entirely all summer. I've gone back this fall, but just twice a week, dancing in my VFFs instead of pushing the cardio in my workout shoes. It's actually even more fun than it was before

          Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
          Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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            1) Eating primal in social situations -- still have a tough time with this one
            2) Getting quality sleep -- this has always been an issue for me
            3) Honestly there is no number three! It's crazy...I literally stuff my face with primal approved foods and have still slimmed down into my six pack. I barely work out at all anymore (by my old standards) and I look the same as I did while I was rowing in college.


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              1. Eating out and eating with family/friends. I just bite the bullet and make the choice of lesser destructive foods available. Also, it's VERY difficult to get the Primal concept across to people who are not familiar with it. I find most of those eating SAD are completely unaware of what they are doing and have no idea that they should modify their eating habits. Most could care less. Or they think I am insane eating Red Meat and fats. It just floors me with the typical apathetic response.
              2. I love coffee! I am type II diabetic. I like sugar and milk in my coffee. Have had to make it a special treat occasionally. That is difficult (addicted to the taste)
              3. Exercise. I have neglected this for far too long and it has taken a lot of effort to get on board. I was extremely out of shape and have had to take it really slow. Making progress though.
              Primal/Paleo is not for everyone, it's for those who have committed to understand.
              READ THE BOOK! Robb Wolf says: "Trying to convince people to save their own ass will burn you out."

              Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, and an affront to all I stand for -- the pure enjoyment of food. Anthony Bourdain

              and yes, calories DO count my little piggies


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                1. Eating out with family and friends. A lot of them just don't get it. I even had one friend ask if 'whole grains' or 'whole wheat' was out. I'm not sure what part of no grains/wheat she didn't get.

                Solution - just order the best I can. And ignore the bread baskets, and if I have to order something with grains (like pasta or pizza) maximize the primal elements and minimize the other. I.E. tonight I am going to an Italian place. I will be ordering cannelloni in meat sauce and only eating the inside of the cannelloni's and the meat sauce. All the pasta will stay at the side. It's not great, but it's better than nothing.

                2. Letting go of the fact that my family will feed my daughter grains, as will her daycare.

                Solution - At this point, I simply worry about what she's eating while she's with me.
                And trying to make subtle points that I'd prefer my daughter eat the meat rather than the corn/kraft dinner.

                3. Meal planning - I have a hard time with this. I am working on getting better though.

                Solution - I am trying to make a meal plan for the week, and have easy, fast, primal meals ready to go so it takes me less time to cook. I also cut up and froze all the unused produce from my last trip to the farmer's market for the year - farm veggies ready to go for many meals.


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                  1. Wrapping my head around the fact that fat is good. I spent a lot of time in the CW, lowfat diet world! It's still a bit of a struggle sometimes.

                  2. Breakfast. I was a big toast, bagel, cereal for breakfast person. I don't particularly like eggs. Actually a trip to Poland opened my eyes a lot, the breakfast buffet was full of veggies and cheeses, bacon and assorted sausages. That with the advice from the forums drove home that breakfast does not have to be limited to "traditional" breakfast foods. Leftovers for breakfast rocks!

                  3. Keeping from preaching to my family and coworkers when I see what they are eating/doing. I have to remind myself that no one likes that! I'm excited about what I've learned and I want to share.


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                    1. embracing the fact that most of my workouts were "chronic cardio" and not a good use of my time
                    2. eating for one - my wife is not supportive (although she has expressed interest in reading The PB). Seems a lot of my time was when I started living primal and still is spent preparing and cooking food that only I end up eating
                    3. letting go of my timed meals / snacks and just eating when hungry


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                      1. Having to be prepared and cook for myself (a prior junk food junkie)
                      2. Eating enough food without excessive milk products (cream, cheese, yogurt ect.)
                      3. Feeling sad for female friends trying to lose weight the CW way, but having them not listen to PB appeals


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                        A big thanks to everyone that has replied. I'd very much welcome more submissions from anyone else reading this.

                        I'll be referring to this thread as I continue to attempt to bring real world solutions to common stumbling blocks. Thanks, everyone!


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                          1. Dishes. Family of five x 3 meals a day + snacks = a lot of dirty dishes.
                          2. Cost. Again, family of five, high quality food is expensive, though I am aware that Americans spend less on food than other developed nations. We have an expectation of getting our grub cheap. Wish we had time for hunting/freezer space.
                          3. Exercise I'm not athletic. I don't enjoy sports, especially team sports. I do like hiking, dancing, and swimming. I don't want to be athletic. I just want to look athletic
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                            1. Desserts. I have a MEAN-ass sweet tooth.
                            2. Over-training. I actually don't have a problem with the sprints or the lifting - I need to look at the frequency.
                            3. Getting enough sleep. I've always been the "crack of dawn" type person.


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                              1. Sugar - grains were easy for me, sugar not so much
                              2. A non-primal spouse who seems intent on proving me wrong and insists on bringing home those sweets I have a hard time resisting
                              3. Primal workouts-I had a really hard time freeing myself from feeling like I needed to run all the time. But walking more and running less has been very liberating. It was a leap of faith to trust that it would be okay to do away with the chronic cardio...

                              I'm still struggling with finding my primal way, but I see so many positive benefits. Viewing this as a journey has helped me to get over some of my all-or-nothing thinking that has derailed me on diets in the past.
                              My Journal:


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                                me, myself, & I
                                "Don't dream it, be it"

                                -Dr. Frank-N-Furter