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    on the side of my mini poppadoms container!!!

    Gluten free
    Low saturated fat/trans fat free
    GM ingredient free
    sugar free
    milk and egg derivative free
    produced in a nut free factory
    wheat free
    barley free
    rye free
    oat free
    triticale free (I have no idea what that even is)
    all natural flavours
    no preservatives

    and they are actually cooked in palm oil which is of course way better than any vege oil will ever be!

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    But they're made from lentils
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      yeah well its hard to get everything right eh! but the rest is good.


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        I wouldn't worry about lentils, we can't all be perfect/purists about every little thing we eat. I occasionally cook with lentils but make sure I soak them first and I still eat potatoes and sometimes rice crackers and hummus yum yum!


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          triticale is a hybrid of wheat and rye. It's on the list of no-nos for those avoiding gluten (and as a grain, for the primal)


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            Big list of things it doesnt contain can be pretty stupid... Sugar is gluten free, trans fat free, contains no grains or allergens etc. Doesn't make it good


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              oh thanks for that moonablaze. I wondered, but was too lazy to google


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                i LOVE poppadums

                If you buy the uncooked ones, you can fry them yourself in your choice of fat. you just shallow fry them in a pan...

                plus i'm sure patak's ones are just lentil flour...will have a closer look

                but you are right...lentils not amazing but a far better vehicle than rice or naan for lots of runny, creamy korma or tikka sauce!!

                And I REALLY miss houmous...the red pepper one, the jalepeno one, the cool creamy plain one...sigh...amazing with crunchy cool cucumber...
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                  Lentils! I've been avoiding popadoms for ages now, assuming that they are wheat - like naan, roti etc.

                  I'm buying some!


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                    I had to look up popadoms. Seem to be a tortilla variation. Cracker like things usually made from lentil or garbanzo flour. I wonder how coconut flour would work?

                    I might try to do that soon. Let you know. Problem is I have nothing to compare taste to.
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                      haha - they should be very light and crunchy, not really any strong flavour...
                      Scottish Sarah

                      Join our UK/ROI Primal group here!

                      Give me a poke on facebook!/pistepals
                      **Remember to tell me your forum name so I know who you are!**