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Bioidentical Hormones???

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  • Bioidentical Hormones???

    Does anyone have experience with bioidentical hormones? My wife is inquiring and I don't know anything about them...

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    Didn't Mark's wife use some?

    Check out her thread here


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      I use them. I'm 30 years old. I use Bio ID testosterone, TriEst, and progesterone.
      My mother uses them. She's 54. She uses the above three, plus bioID Aldosterone. She has for-gosh. Almost 10 years? She looks to be in her early 40's.

      Plus thyroid. And hydrocortisone. (Yep. It's bioID)

      When used appropriately, they are perfectly safe, and a far better alternative to synthetics. Having hormones out of whack will screw with your life-anxiety, depression, inability to lose weight, inability to gain muscle, libido, concentration, etc.

      It is as important for men as it is for guy wants to hear that he is low on testosterone, but is there anything more important for a guy?

      What, specifically, is she inquiring about?
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        Thanks for the input. She is simply asking about them because people she works with were talking about their experience with the hormones. Would appreciate to hear from others who have been using them/tried them/or who have friends/family who use them. I get asked all kinds of question about this stuff at work and I would like to be able to share the information along with the experiences other people have had.