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    So through conventional wisdom we are told to eat crackers or sodas like sprite to tame nausea and vomiting. How would grok deal with any symptoms of nausea or vomiting??

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    Depends what is causing it. Ginger works well for stomach nausea and morning sickness. I like crystallised ginger but it is high in sugar, or grate fresh ginger into hot water and drink. This doesn't work for 'motion sickness' ie inner ear balance nausea for me though. I am sure there are some other trusted remedies out there for you.


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      Its nausea from a stomach virus??? Ill try the ginger though.


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        I think he'd follow his body and throw up. If it's a virus, your body is trying to rid itself of the bad stuff. In most cases, just get it over with!

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          Ginger is definitely good for nausea. Peppermint will settle indigestion and stomach upsets.

          It's not soda that helps the stomach, but the carbonation. Club soda can help offset stomach acid.

          If you've got a stomach bug, opt for bland foods. Chicken broth, scrambled eggs, etc.


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            Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
            If you've got a stomach bug, opt for bland foods. Chicken broth, scrambled eggs, etc.
            + a good probiotic. Mercola recommends emptying a bottle in 24 hours for gastro. I do 2 capsules every 1/2 hour till I feel better. Works for me.


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              If you feel like being a hero and living dangerously, you can take a capsule of cayenne pepper.

              A more gentle thing to do, if you really have trouble keeping anything down, is to cook white rice with a lot more water than usual. Then once it's soft, you just sip the cloudy water from it, slightly warm.

              Ginger and peppermint are good. I have them on hand all the time, because if you get sick as a dog you don't really feel like running out to the store.


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                +1 on probiotics and +1 on cayenne. Forgot about both of those. Nothing like a tablespoon of Franks Red Hot to settle the tummy.


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                  I'd say... ginger, mint, a good probiotic, many sips of water. Other than that, if you don't feel well enough to eat, that's just your body telling you not to eat. Can't hurt to listen!

                  Once you do get appetite back, how about some nice soup broth? Marrow broth in particular is sooo good for you. Definitely helped me a few months ago after I got so sick I ended up needing rehydration in the hospital...
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