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ABC's "Lost" and Primal living! ***SPOILERS***

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  • ABC's "Lost" and Primal living! ***SPOILERS***

    Hi guys!

    For those of you who have seen the show would probably guess what I am about to embark on.
    And I have to warn all of you who haven't seen the show, some spoilers will occur here....just so you know...

    I started watching Lost after seing the pilot episodes on my TV, and it was by an accident since they showed the trailer like 30mins before they aired it. Since then I have been taken on a beautiful journey with the best (so far!) show I've ever seen. Good stories, beautiful landscape, good music and good acting.

    As I signed up in MDA I got some thoughts about primal living, ecology and "Lost":


    Are the producer's telling us through the show that we should let nature be nature?
    Is that why Dharma Initiative are portrayed as, sometimes, the villains because they do so much on the island by researching this and that and build and dig all over the place?
    Disrupting the island eventually?

    All the characters walk in the jungle, and it seems that they are at peace in many ways. They have water, wild boars, fruit - essentially all their bodies need to survive and live peacefully.(without the sugar craving, except for when they find the Hatch containing canned food, cookies - thanks Dharma!)

    But they do walk a lot, and sometimes some of them comments that the island is special.
    When I go for a walk in the forest or someplace else where the nature is all around me, I too get that feeling of belonging there.
    So there's much ecology-minded people behind the show who discreetly shows what life is like on the island compared to their societies, mainly big cities.

    The best examples of primal living are: Rose and Bernard.
    They are just chilling, showing love and enjoying their life as if Grok would've done the same..

    And here's a good question: Why on earth didn't Hurley lose any visible weight?

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    Hey man, lay off Jumbotron.

    PS I will let you know all the secrets once I make it off the Island roughly 20ish years from now.
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      Dude, I'm overweight as well, although not like him, but still...he and Locke are my favorite characters.
      If you want you can just push the thingie and then you'll be in 2030 in a matter of seconds, so get to it!


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        This was one of my all time favorite shows. I always wonderd the same thing about Hurley. I guess he was raiding the Dharma pantry with all of its cereal and candy bars too often. Everyone else managed to stay fit and didn't seem to be losing any lean muscle mass. You did see problems with the Others, but they were living more by CW and eating a SAD diet. You did see a reversal of illnesses when you lived more at peace with the island like Rose and Bernard.

        I would also like to point out that I just realized what a huge geek I am. But anyway, Lost was a great show and I will have to go back and watch it again from a Primal perpective.
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          They weren't on the Island very long before they found the Dharma food stash. Hurley was always eating that stuff. Plus they were only on the Island about 3 or 4 months before they got off and then were rescued. It took about 5 years for us to see them get off the Island but only a few months in their time.


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            Damn Tina, thanks for reminding me that!

            But yeah, I checked the blogs like darkufo and I was maaad about the show. When I saw the last episode it felt like something in me got lost, as I really liked it, but eventually I moved on, like the other Losties. :P

            Btw, do you guys think that there is something to electromagnetism and its possible effect on the body?
            Are there like special areas or spots on Earth that has more of it than other places?


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              Lost is my all time favorite show......and I have watched a lot of television! I wanted Jack to live a happy life with Kate but the were together at the end so I was at peace with it.


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                Originally posted by TinaC View Post
                Lost is my all time favorite show......and I have watched a lot of television! I wanted Jack to live a happy life with Kate but the were together at the end so I was at peace with it.
                Yeah, me too.
                The show had this versatility to it by having all the different peoples with different problems which we all face in life, like how the relationship developed between Jack and his son, and how it was completely different than his relationship with his own father.
                There were many, many fine moments like this that kept me going, and you could relate to all the characters whether you were a soldier, chubby kid, handicapped, old, young etc..