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Gallbladder Revobal After Starting PB

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  • Gallbladder Revobal After Starting PB

    (Um, Gallbladder *Removal*. Can't figure out how to correct thread title. I think this thing is going to my brain.)

    After two weeks of bad indigestion and excessive fullness, not to mention feeling like complete crapola due to inadequate nutrition, it's looking like I'm going to have to have my gallbladder removed in the near future. I've only been eating primaly for about 2.5 months, so it really sucks having to fend off the questions of my already critical co-workers/ spouse to convince them that my "new diet" really is great and the sudden gallbladder issue is probably just bad luck. (Worst case scenario, my old binge-eating habits killed it and the higher fat diet just brought that fact to my attention?)

    For the most part I've not been too worried about what I understand to be a pretty minor procedure, and I mostly just want to get it over with so that I can eat normally again. The doctor told me to eat super-duper low-fat until the surgery (no salad dressing, get every last bit of juice off the chicken), but to paraphrase Amy Winehouse I said, "no, no, no". That being said, I have laid off the bacon and have been eating way more veggies and primal carbs than meat, but I'm missing the healing power of delicious fatty-ness. Good news is that I'm losing weight really fast, the bad news is that I'm feeling weak and crappy.

    I've been searching the forum for "gallbladder" threads, and it seems like quite a few people are living normal, happy gallbladder-less PB lives. However, it seems like every account I've seen was from people who had their gallbladders removed before starting PB. Has anyone had to have theirs removed after they had already started a primal diet? If so, I would definitely like to hear about your experience both before and after the surgery.
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    I can't help you with your question directly, but I do remember Robb Wolf talking about it in at least one of his podcasts. It might be worth a look/listen:

    The Paleolithic Solution: Episode 22

    (Also check out Episodes 50 & 52.)
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      I would really do a lot of research into gall bladder removal first. (Not sure that you haven't, but you didn't give much info, so just in case!)

      I know a few people who had issues with gall bladders due to change in diet that passed after a while (and was eased by making some little changes, or adapting more slowly), so I wouldn't jump on the removal bandwagon without really checking to see WHY they're suggesting that, and if there are possible fixes or things you can try first. I know that especially if you come from eating very little fat, the upping of fat can take time because your gall bladder needs to start making all of the bile and things it stopped making because of the low fat diet.

      I may be reading what you say wrong, but you say you've had these issues for a couple of weeks? (please correct if that's not right.) But I think two weeks is way too soon to decide on a major operation, especially if there isn't an emergency type situation (like an inflamed appendix, etc.).

      It seems most doctors have been taught that the gall bladder is unnecessary, and therefore see no reason to just not remove it right away instead of figuring out the underlying issue and trying to resolve it that way first. I'd try doing a little reading on the pros and cons... and maybe trying to figure out what is going on with your gall bladder first.

      I know a few peeps on the board have had gall bladder issues and/or surgeries, so they'll speak up with some actual experience!
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        Were you a vegetarian before going Primal? If not, I suspect you were on a very low fat diet, and your gallbladder became diseased from a lack of use. If you don't use it you lose it. It is supposed to squirt bile when you eat a fatty meal. Please read these links I have on the Gallbladder before going in for surgery.

        4.2) Gallstones & Gallbladder Problems caused by Low Fat Diet:
        This can be a BIG DEAL for a vegan going on a LOW FAT diet. The Gallbladder has likely to have formed sludge/gallstones from not being “exercised” enough from being a vegetarian. We must eat meats regularly to exercise the Gallbladder. Details in these links:

        * Definitive Guide to Gallstones

        - Pain in/under the upper right rib cage
        - Solution-SLOWLY increase the amount of fats in your Paleo Diet
        - Home Remedies [check with your doctor]

        - Extraporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) sound waves can break up gallstones without surgery

        * Ruptured Gallbladder

        * Primal Blueprint Links on this subject
        * Primal Diet with Gallbladder removed
        -Primal Eating Post Gallbladder Removal:


        * Primal Diet Gallstones

        * Primal Diet Gallbladder issues
        - Search Gallbladder!

        Best to you,