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  • Question About Recent Blood Work

    Hello all! I'm a long time lurker here, not so much on the forum, but the site for sure. I've been primal since the beginning of 2010 and for the first 6 months was pretty much living it 95/5. I've become more 90/10 in recent months, but overall still loving the primal life. I'm eating more veggies than ever before, eating lots of good fats, protein and just in general feeling great as a result.

    I've had a history of elevated cholesterol. Runs in my family, so no surprise. I have spent the last 7 years having kids, nursing and the like, so I haven't spent much time worrying about it. Last year my cholesterol was 230, with high hdl and ldl on the high end of healthy. This past April it had dropped to 200 and in October it had dropped more to 187 with hdl having gone up and ldl dropping to well within the healthy range. My triglycerides are great, so all is well, happy happy!

    The other side to that coin is my glycohemoglobin. It was 5.7 in April and 5.9 in October. I am in the "elevated risk" for diabetes category and on the edge of "high risk". This gives me great concern. I've never had blood sugar issues at all, and certainly shouldn't be having then now given that grains are out of my diet and my carbs are primarily through fruits (berries and apples primarily), veggies and such. My carbs are under 100 each day and although I've never had a weight issue per say, I have been losing slowly and steadily on the primal diet. I'm not overweight, never have been. This year is the first time I've had this blood test, so I have no historical data to compare to, but I'm alarmed. And of course, it's unexpected.

    I've begun the primal blueprint fitness plan, which is the last part of the primal lifestyle that I needed to incorporate into my life. I enjoy fitness and play a lot with the kids, but it is time to make it more of a priority in a bit more structured way.

    I guess I'm here to see if others have experienced this, or have any insight as to why this would be happening? Any help is appreciated, I have found this forum to be very enlightening. Thanks!

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    Have you also had a fasting blood glucose test?


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      Not yet, but I thought I would get that and then perhaps start tracking my gluclose throughout the day as well. I've read that the A1C is more reliable than both of those though.


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        I'd get a glucometer and test 1 and 2 hour post prandials. Keep a good food journal too as the rise in blood sugar from protein might not be apparent for 6-8h. Kurt Harris has some good stuff on PaNu about this.

        Davis (heartscan) has some good info about testing post prandially and how important it is.


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          The apples are pretty high in fructose. You might do better to get some of your carbs from starchy veg like a potato now and then.

          If you search Dr. Mercola's site, you can find discussions about fructose, a list showing which foods are highest in it, and an interview with Dr. Johnson, an expert in the relationship of fructose, uric acid, and metabolic syndrome. Not all fruits are created equal.


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            Thanks for the comments, great reading. Yeah, I have been eating in season fruits, hence the apples. The berries round out my protein smoothie in the morning and I do like the vitamins/minerals they provide. I'll continue my reading!