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The latest propaganda from the Big Food - pasta is good for you!

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  • The latest propaganda from the Big Food - pasta is good for you!

    Extra, extra, read all about it:

    Scientists Confirm Common Sense Approach To Eating Is Best

    In Response to Rising Obesity Rates and Consumer Confusion, Leading Health Authorities Update and Confirm Health Benefits of Pasta Meals

    "An international committee of scientists and food authorities today released a Scientific Consensus Statement concluding that eating a variety of healthy carbohydrates, fats and proteins tailored to individual preferences and lifestyle is essential. They also confirmed that healthy carbohydrate foods, like pasta meals, do not cause obesity, and made the recommendation that doctors, nutritionists and other health professionals should suggest varied and balanced pasta meals to their patients for good health."

    This latest earth shaking research comes to you courtesy of, "

    Old Ways is supported by an extensive list of food producers, but I suspect that the primary funding probably comes from General Mills and other big food producers.

    Take a look at the Recommendations on Managing Sweetness:, talk about lame! Of the 11 "recommendations", 10 are simply carefully worded statements of fact, only one can be construed as a recommendation:
    "10. Maintenance of a healthy body weight depends on a diversified, well balanced diet, and wise
    management of energy from all food and drink sources, coupled with wise lifestyle choices that include regular physical activity, starting right at a young age. This could be possible by creating an enabling environment and appropriate nutrition education to improve diet and lifestyles across the population. This is particularly so in a society where energy and physical activity are not in balance."
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