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Smoking meat - healthy or not healthy?

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  • Smoking meat - healthy or not healthy?

    Last Saturday I smoked a chicken and I'm thinking about doing some ribs again next weekend. My smoker has the meat mostly over liquid and the drippings mostly don't end up on the fire for the record. My chicken came out tasting amazing and I really starting to enjoy grilling and smoking meats. I'm a fan of rubs and I try not to char anything.
    My question to my fellow primes is do any of you concern yourselves with the carcinogens from grilling and smoking meats? I realize that there are studies out that say you probably shouldn't smoke your meats, but smoked meats just taste so amazingly good.

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    I smoked a chicken once - but I didn't inhale...

    Sorry, Bri, silly mood tonight - forgive me!
    La tristesse durera toujours...


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      I've been smoking for many years. I can't think of any aspect of cooking that is more primal then smoking. Honestly, if there was some supposed "unhealthly" aspect to smoking, I wouldn't stop. As we both know, most studies are bunk. Read Dr Eades blog some time and you'll quickly realize just how few studies are done correctly.

      What kind of smoker are you using Daemon? I've gone through many and have two now; a Weber Bullet and a electric cabinet type I bought at close out at Wal-Mart. Each has their place. You try to smoke any beef or fish? Beef is tricky. Fish is pretty easy and quick. Easy to over do it with to much smoke though.


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        I've used my gas grill for smoking in the past but last weekend I was using an old Brinkman Sportsman smoker that I picked up from my mother. So far I haven't tried smoking any beef yet but the Brinkman worked great and that's what I plan to do the ribs on as well. My mother has asked my sister and I cook theturkeys this year for Thanksgiving and suggested that we could just use our basic Webers. I think I'll use my Brinkman instead of seeing how well the chicken came out.
        I'm also a big fan of grilling steaks. I just don't like the idea that I'm increasing my cancer risks by my cooking habits after working so hard on doing things in a healthy way.


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          Can't remember where I read it, but they said it is only the burnt black bits that are carcinogenic, so as long as you don't try to turn a steak into leather by overcooking it, it should be OK right?


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            I wouldn't concern myself with it too much. For two reasons, neither of which are scientific in nature:

            - I figure I'm already doing a lot for myself by NOT eating a SAD diet, I'll take some carcinogenic smoked meat for now. I also don't typically eat the burnt parts because they simply don't taste too good. If this is where the carcinogens lie then I'm doing a decent job at avoiding them.

            - I smoke weed. I'd be plenty hypocritical if I was abstaining from smoked meat but continued to put another type of smoke in my lungs. I see how these don't relate fully, but I think you get the idea. Though I love to smoke, I see how it can be deemed unhealthy. I don't vaporize... yet.
            I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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              Since it gets me eating more meat, I say it's healthy.

              My take is that exposure to xyz (you name it - power lines, cell phones, smog, fertilizer...) associated with cancer is somewhat unavoidable. Let a healthy body that doesn't feed the cancer kill it in it's tracks (hopefully) - theoretically a benefit of low-carbohydrate diet and healthy lifestyle.

              I don't apply the same logic to smokin dope though.


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                oh, and egger refers to my Big Green Egg. Got it at the beginning of the summer and plan to use it all winter long.