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NEVER underestimate the power of a damned good POOP!

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  • NEVER underestimate the power of a damned good POOP!

    Being a bit naughty, but I couldn't resist a weigh this morning (I've been doing some 'tweaking' and I wanted to see if it had paid off; seems I (probably) do a bit better keeping my protein and fat the same, or the former a little higher than the latter). 8st 8 as I was the other day. 20 mins later I felt the urge to 'go'.

    It was a MONSTER!!

    I was 8st 6.5 after that!

    I need to be 'good' this week, because I've got a ticket to a Bonfire Night supper and firework display on Friday (it's for charity; a fund set up by the parents of a little boy called William who died 16 years ago, aged 4, of a form of childhood leukaemia so rare that he was only the 2nd child in the UK to be diagnosed with it - and only the 6th in the world (the other 4 all being in the US). I knew him quite well; I often used to see him in his 'racing car' (his name for the adapted buggy he used because he was too weak to walk - it also carried his chest drain) on the common with his elder sister and brother).

    So that will mean 20% - or more! - Friday (bonfire roasted spuds, bangers, burgers and beans, no doubt!)

    I LOVE Bonfire Night!
    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    Puts hands over ears. lalalalalalalalalala. Too much info. LOL
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