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Ketosis-entering advice, PLEASE!!!

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  • Ketosis-entering advice, PLEASE!!!

    I'm on the verge of giving up. I have a notebook full of carb counts and, prior to yesterday* I NEVER went over 20g/day. Even when I Fage binged (16g/tub) I kept my other carbs 'incidental' (i.e. veggies)

    When I did Atkins, I had NO problem with ketosis on 20g. It would make managing on just 1,250kcals/day (that has already had a 467 deficit removed) so much easier (because it would make my 16-hour daily IFs doable!)

    Can anyone help me - I'm DESPERATE!!

    *Didn't calculate it, but I'd guesstimate around 85-90g (had some 20% - blackberry, raspberry, cherry and apple cobbler, custard and 200g Fage. Cobbler + custard = 50g + Fage = 56.4g. Can't think I had anything else - so that's hardly a huge amount!)

    So, what's the secret, and why could I do then what I can't do now...?

    Thank you

    Sarah xxx
    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    Personally, I have to be under 50g and NO SUGAR (and not even fruit) to get into ketosis... I think it's a highly personal thing. I know it's frustrating to figure out all the little tweaks, isn't it? Also, I don't know your situation, so sorry if I'm going over something "everyone" should know about you LOL, but maybe you've been in ketosis so long that you aren't spilling ketones any longer? I forget why that happens, but it does when you've been in ketosis for a while... then, if you get out of ketosis, you'll spill again when you go back into ketosis.

    Hope that helps or at the very least, gives you some support


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      I find it not only matters keeping carbs low for the day, but also to not have the day's allotment all at once. So if I have 50g in one day, thats like 20 at breakfast, 20 at lunch, like 3 for dinner and then some chocolate. If I have 50g for breakfast, I think my body decides that is what it wants, I'll feel off all day, and I'll need to tighten up to get back in ketosis.


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        Why are you worried about entering ketosis? There is no metabolic advantage from being in ketosis, so as long as your carbs are low I wouldn't worry.


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          Big picture is that simply giving up grains & sugars WILL result in weight loss and improved health over time. IMO, the problem ( if any ) is losing too much weight. My wife has dropped 15 lbs in 2 months and is now at her IDEAL weight. I worry about her losing even more weight.

          So why the urgency to get into ketosis?

          Best to you,


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            How are you determining whether you're in ketosis? If you're already keto-adapted, your body will not show ketone spill in your urine.
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