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My family had a SAD day

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  • My family had a SAD day

    Today was my DD2's 6th birthday. She wanted to go to the dreaded pizza place, so we did. Both my DH and I felt like crap halfway through lunch, which I expected even with not overindulging, but I was surprised that my oldest did too. She still eats grains, but she's the most primal out of the kids. The youngest was a bit of a brat by the time we got home, and DD2 complained of her tummy hurting. The youngest ended up not making it to the potty in time, and said he didn't know he had sneaky poo.

    I decorated a traditional devil's food cake from scratch. DH helped me, and we both ended up gagging on the sweetness of the frosting. I can't believe that we wasted good butter on making that stuff.

    DD1 looked at the cake, said it looked cool, and asked for scrambled eggs and sausage instead. So I made that for the kids' dinner. For the man and me, I made a frittata loaded with onion, bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and sausage, topped with cheese, which we ate while the kids had cake. DD1 saw our dinner and asked for that instead of cake.

    Of course the kids ended up eating very small pieces of cake, and the younger two asked for more. But then the 6 year old said her head hurt and she didn't feel very good. She eats grains too, but knowing how I felt as I walked out of the pizza place this afternoon, I'm pretty sure she had too many carbs.

    I think its really amazing that after only a short while of cutting this stuff out of our diets that almost all of us have had a reaction to it. I hate how I feel right now, but seeing the reactions in everyone is kind of facinating. I'm so seriously relieved that this is the last birthday until February (and that'll be DD1 who has already said she wants to eat good steak for her birthday dinner). I think my family needs a different way to celebrate birthdays that doesn't include food.

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    A birthday steak, I like it. A rib-eye with a candle on it sounds nice for my next B-day.
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      I know how you feel. I was also surprised at how bad I felt after falling off the dietary wagon. This last Monday, I came on the night shift to a breakfast casserole that was brought in too the department meeting on day shift. Supposedly, it only had eggs, bacon, sausage and ham. I carefully examined the casserole and it seemed O.K., even though it was commercially made, so I had a large helping.

      Wrong, wrong wrong! I'm wheat and gluten intolerant and there was definitely wheat in it! I was feeling the pain about an hour after eating it, so I decided to compound the misery. There were also left over donuts and pastries. I figured one little piece of a glazed pastry that also had lots of cinnamon wouldn't hurt. Wow! After seven weeks with nothing sugary except for fruit, getting hit with that sugar was like a jolt from a drug! I couldn't believe the sugar rush and how sweet that one little piece was.

      Of course, the brain kicked in gibbering about how great that was and 'could we do that again? and again?---sure, I ate the whole darn thing and half of another. Lots of sugar and flour.

      Five days later, I'm finally feeling back to the new normal, which is pain free and full of energy. I think maybe I've learned my lesson, but I was sure surprised to find out how long it takes to feel good again.


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        It does take a while to feel better, doesn't it? Carb flu wasn't anything exciting, when I started. But man, after being free for almost a month we had the same sort of birthday celebration for my son and it was awful. This is worse, we've have a longer time without crap between the last birthday and this one. I managed to avoid a lot of the crap, but I know the rest of the family is still suffering (and I don't feel great).

        I can't believe our moods either. Usually, we are all pretty laid back and easygoing (except for DD1, I think she was switched at the hospital with how driven she is), but its a matter of trying to prevent a war right now between everyone. I didn't expect this sort of irritability, but it makes sense that its all related.

        Am I odd that I'm finding this all so interesting? I should probably at least feel bad and try to relieve some symptoms.


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          I don't think it's odd to find this so interesting---especially with kids. I have a 12 y/old son with Oppositional Defiance Disorder/Bipolar and what he eats makes such a huge difference. One of the triggers that will send him into the defiant zone is a high carb meal which is followed by a spike and then a huge drop in Insulin. He's hungry an hour after eating a plate of mac and cheeze but that's not the case when eating meat and a salad. I"m working hard on his diet and he's starting to understand where his food problems lie, but processed carbs can be so darn addicting!

          Food really effects how we feel, and it seems to hit kids especially hard. I know it'll be easier to stay away from the donuts next time as I don't want to feel that bad again!


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            It might be fun to transform a meatloaf recipe into a birthday cake. It would be easy to put birthday candles in it. What would you use for icing? I guess you could also to those egg cup things as cup cakes with candles.


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                I made a meatloaf cake last year for April Fools Day! Mine didn't look as pretty as that one, though.

                DD1 says she wants a meat cake shaped like a spider with bacon legs when her birthday comes around. That actually wouldn't be too hard to do now that I'm thinking about it.

                I wonder if a person could make a cake in one of those shaped wilton pans... I should try it sometime.


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                  Win. Especially the last bit, "for us hardcore meatatarians, murder tastes like meat! And meat is delicious!"
                  "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                    I've been toying with trying a primal angel food cake. The main ingredient is egg whites - one recipe I've seen called for 1 1/2 cups of egg whites to one cup of flour. Seems like you could add coconut flour instead (a lot less than one cup) and it would work out.