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What to drink at a club?

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    Originally posted by Bushrat View Post
    This. Watch out though, martinis have a kick.

    Or you could have a watered down whiskey or just get whiskey on the rocks and wait for the ice to melt a bit.

    I made a thread about mixing drinks because I was wondering the same.

    Really, I think its time for you to gain an appreciation of straight spirits and learn to sip them slowly with an air of refined dignity.
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      Originally posted by Razorburne View Post
      check out Robb Wolf's "Norcal Margarita"

      This is a good choice...I drink this at home now most of the time.


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        Times that I didn't want to drink--or have drinks fostered on me--I would order a seltzer with twist of lime. They thought I was a "sober" alcoholic trying to stay sober yet enjoy time with my friends. Consequently, the drink was usually free. I guess they were having rueful feelings about their possible contribution to my supposed condition.
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