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Use of Products and Colon Hydro-therapy...

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  • Use of Products and Colon Hydro-therapy...

    Is stopping the use of products such as shampoos extremely important, or is it simply another thing that is primal? Also, how does everyone feel about colon hydro-therapy (aka colonics or 2-quart enemas)?
    I would love to hear your thoughts.

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    No one?


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      that seems to lie more in the vegan thinking of cleansing...I don't think grok had access to an enema bag?
      Primal/Paleo is not for everyone, it's for those who have committed to understand.
      READ THE BOOK! Robb Wolf says: "Trying to convince people to save their own ass will burn you out."

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        The colonics can be extremely dangerous from everything I have read. Not only do they force bacteria into the intestines (there is a reason there is a one way sphincter valve involved), but they can damage the lining of the rectum and walls of the intestines if they are not too careful.

        Think the whole idea is full of sh** (no pun intended).


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          I stopped using products because I was curious about it. It was only connected to primal by the concept that people only smell bad if they eat a high-carb, processed-food diet. I don't recall it even being mentioned in the Primal Blueprint, though I really need to go back for my refresher read--it's been 3 months now!

          Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
          Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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              I did colon therapy and I think it does help! Most places let you see what comes out and you would be amazed at the AMOUNT of stuff that flushes out!! I would go to the bathroom before I'd get there and then halfway through I'd be looking at the glass pipe saying all that stuff is coming out of me?? I highly recommend it. I now get it done once a year!!


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                Originally posted by wildema1 View Post
                Is stopping the use of products such as shampoos extremely important, or is it simply another thing that is primal?
                It's only primal in that we didn't have modern shampoo in any environment of evolutionary adaptation.

                No, it's not extremely important. I wouldn't even say it's at all important.....just a personal preference of some folks.


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                  Penn and Teller did a show on detoxing and colon cleansing. The claim it's bullshit.



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                    My mother succumbed to a radical aggressive cancer. They told her she had six months but she got six more years of a mostly full life. A year before she passed she could pedal her three wheel bike four miles with the last two against 30mph plus winds @ 61 years old. She got rid of all "toxic" personal and household products, even had a brief remission for a year that stunned the doctors.

                    I am not sure if the results were physical or placebo, but would opine that if it makes you feel better that's reason enough.

                    Have never had colon hydrotherapy, but am seriously considering it. All my data is first hand testimonials from a few folks I have met who do it.


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                      I'm a big believer that not eating the toxic stuff and healing your gut will result in not needing colon therapy. And eating more good quality fats seems to help with everything coming out easily and cleanly! (This is specifically my opinion, no hard science here!)

                      As for skipping the products... it's just people's preference, and sometimes experimentation. Most of us have found that by cutting out all the grains and toxic chemically stuff... a lot of things we needed products for have cleared themselves up by themselves. For example, my skin is freaking clear as a bell and I MAYBE get one or two teensy weensy pimples during taht TOM. I scrub my face a couple times a week with a loofah to exfoliate, I wash with plain filtered water and use coconut oil sparingly as a moisturizer if I feel I need it (which I don't nearly as often since stopping the face products).

                      Plus once you start eliminating toxins from your food, you realize how many you're putting on your skin, etc.. it kind of snowballs. Maybe you just start questioning "why" a lot more to things instead of doing them because all the cool kids are...

                      That said... I still have some Bedhead that I use after straightening my hair to de-frizz... and I still dye my hair. I do wear makeup, however I don't do foundation. I haven't cut out eveyrthing by any stretch, just weeded out quite a bit and kept the stuff I really like. That may change, or not... depends on my mood.
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