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    I just stumbled on this site a few days ago and I read the Mark's article about grains. His article explaining how grains are not good for you made so much sense. So I attempted to eliminate grains from my diet. I was doing great until my parents forced me to eat grains again because they thought that grains were important in a healthy diet. I've been trying to convince them that grains aren't that healthy but they don't believe me. And my parents are doctors so they think that i got this "crazy idea" from an unreliable source. My parents also say that grain is at the base of the food pyramid and that according to the American Heart Association, whole grains are beneficial to your health... so I'm really confused Thanks.

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    How old are you?

    1. If old enough you can simply wait till you are on your own and then do what you want.
    2. You can challenge them to prove it and if they challenge you back then well you know where to come to get pointed in the right direction for your research.
    3. Do what they ask but try to limit the grains you eat. Young people are resilient and you will survive eating grains although you may end up fat like me.
    4. I work in the medical field...... you don't have to tell me how important Dr.'s think they are.

    Anybody else?
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      Well I have roughly the same problem, although I pretty much beat my parent's into submission. Personally my mother had a few freak outs over me not "wanting" to eat her cooking, my solution simply boiled down to consistently insisting she make me grilled chicken and steamed veggies or I will I eat only eggs I make myself and microwaveable birdseye vegetables.....It worked in the end and my parents gave in to my desire to eat straight meat, although I conceded on some sauces just because it wasn't worth the added fight, and steamed veggies.

      Seconded how old are you and added question, how anti-your way are they?
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        As for whether you "need" grains, most people say that on the assumption that they're the best source of fiber. Well, veggies and even berries are a better source of fiber. Even almond meal has 3x the fiber of oatmeal, and a lower GI (glycemic index). These comparisons might help:

        Basically if you can get them to stop and think about it, there's nothing in grains that you can't get from another source with better vitamins and other nutrients. (Even carbohydrates -- you're far better off eating berries and other high-fiber fruit as a carb source!)

        Trying to convince people grains are "toxic" will always be a tough sell. Instead, try to focus on the idea that grains A) displace other more nutritious foods from the diet, and B) you're trying to reduce insulin spikes from high-carb meals; tell them you're trying to eat low GI. If there's any diabetes history in your family, this is great prevention.

        And of course there's plenty of actual research you could point to.
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          watch the movie "fat head" with them.. its not about grains, but it does mention them.
          fat head unintentionally supports the primal life style and may make your parents reconsider their positions on conventional wisdom.
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            Thanks for all the advice! My parents are just worried that I'm not going to get enough fiber and carbs in my diet by eliminating grains. So i guess I'll just limit my grain consumption. I've never been a fat of grains anyways... oh.... and I'm 15.

            haha "fat head"?... never heard of it but the movie sounds funny! I'll try watching it!


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              if your parents are doctors, i would hope that they are filled with curiosity and the open mindedness to learn more. show them the research. doctors often times aren't all that up to date on nutrition and fitness...and learning about this might make them even better at their jobs.

              if you're eating primal, your parents shouldn't worry for a moment about you getting enough fiber. we eat more vegetables than anything else.


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                Ask your parents to read the book Good Calories Bad Calories, or In Defense of Food. The first is all about medical/nutrition research, as doctors they should 'get it'. The second is a bit easier to read, but still a great stepping stone to a primal lifestyle.

                Also, go to google scholar and search for low carbohydrate, llok at recent articles that point ot the health of LC diets. Also google paleolithic diet, there is an article that points to it being the best option for people that are diebetic. Granted you are not diabetic, but if the SAD causes diabetes, why not eat in a way that will prevent it!

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                  Load your plate up with salad and meat and veggies, then squeeze a small serving of pasta/rice into the corner. Parents won't usually object if their kids get cravings for massive salads.


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                    Hopefully I will be able to let mine out of the basement soon. I'm sick of doing my own laundry. They must learn!
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                      Hello Obsidian,

                      Watch a Gary Taubes lecture on Youtube.He completely debunks various myths about grains, cholesterol,fatness etc.

                      Then get your parents to view same. I'm certain they will be intrigued
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                        On the topic of books, there's a really good book called "The Primal Blueprint" that you could try to get them to read...

                        Leave it in the bathroom. They'll pick it up sooner or later.


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                 why didn't i think of that?! haha.... unfortunately, i showed my parents the book (I just got it yesterday! and I'm so excited to read into it ) and they said that the book was an unreliable source just because Mark Sission didn't have the letters Ph.D or MD, etc after his name. My parents told me that I should listen to the food pyramid, the American Heart Association, the USDA, etc. So now I'm confused....


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                            Don't be confused, be curious. Start with some of the resources mentioned earlier and begin arming yourself.
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                              Originally posted by Obsidian View Post
                              My parents told me that I should listen to the food pyramid, the American Heart Association, the USDA, etc. So now I'm confused....
                              dude watch fat head, like tomorrow (especially the last half of the movie).
                              being a 15 yr old in the digital age, im sure you can find it somewhere on the internet, or rent/buy it if its available.
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                              We need to have a global discussion about the epidemic of donut murder

                              Starting Weight: 238 lb
                              Current Weight: 224 lb
                              Goal: 190-200 lb
                              Height: 6'-0"
                              Age: 27