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  • Magnesium oil

    There was a thread some time ago about magnesium oil - how to make it etc.

    Well, I bought some crystals and made up a jar (a LARGE jar!) which I used when I remembered.

    My question - how long does it last? Does it remain useable until it is used up - or does it "go off"?

    I ask, because I remembered about it two days ago and rubbed some on inside of my forearm. And it itched - a sort of painful itch - drove me to distraction until I washed it off again - and when I looked, there was a little rash.

    Was this a one off, a coincidence, or should I make much smaller quantities and use it up in a few days?


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    anything with water will need a preservative if you're going to have it more than a few days.

    however, the burning/stinging thing seems to happen to some with magnesium oil.....


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      Thanks. I think I'll chuck out this current batch and make smaller in future..... and perhaps put it on legs instead of arms to see if the itching is reduced.


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        The Ancient Minerals website is the place to look for how to use it. They were saying (if I remember right) that some people get the itching and burning, and others don't, and sometimes the people who itch are the ones who need the magnesium the most. They recommend diluting the "magnesium oil" till it doesn't itch anymore, and then gradually increasing the concentration. Apparently people get over the itching problem in time.

        I just used some early this morning --- left it on my legs, went back to bed. It's sort of sticky, which is unpleasant rubbing on the sheets, so after an hour or two I usually take a washcloth and wash off the rest of it. Leaves the skin very smooth. Sure beats taking it by mouth and having the runs.


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          Actually, I'd be surprised if that strong a brine solution "went off" over time. It's so very salty. (Magnesium salts, of course.) The official "magnesium oil" doesn't seem to change over time. If making your own, I think it would be good to use distilled water, though.


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            Well, the oil hadn't gone green or anything!! No smell, no strange changes. So I'll perhaps try diluting it and using it - or pour a TINY bit in the bath water? It would seem a shame to throw away something I'd paid for - now that CANNOT be primal!


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              Just wanted to bump this mag oil thread and say that I've been using it about 3 a week for a month now. I didn't have symptoms of deficiency before, but looking at my diet I was very low. I use it almost like a sleeping supplement and I find that I fall asleep fast when I apply and have a pretty sound night.

              I do find that it burns, and it hasn't decreased as far as I can tell, but I don't mind it that much. Just make sure if you find that it burns, not to put it on your nipples. I really was putting almost everywhere and it burned my nipples likeohmygodthishurtssobad. lol


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                I just bought some magnesium oil a few weeks ago and have been using it pretty much nightly (except the days I forgit!)

                Interesting though, I don't get a sticky arm, it all soaks right into my skin. Wonder if that means I REALLY need it (which i wouldn't doubt), LOO.

                No itching either, which is good.
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                  Originally posted by Minxxa View Post
                  No itching either, which is good.
                  Jealous. It is actually pretty intense, although I can fall asleep easily *shrug*

                  I do find that my skin burns/itches slightly after the ocean too. I don't know if everyone gets that, or if it is variable like the mag oil burning.


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                    Mine is burning *more* now that it is colder here and my skin is a bit more dry. I read mixing it with lotion and then applying can be helpful. I applied it with some coconut oil which seemed to help.
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