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Raw Chicken? Are You Kidding???

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  • Raw Chicken? Are You Kidding???

    I don't know...would you go for it?

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    Given the conditions the chicken is supposedly sold under, I think I'd try it. I've put my system through worse.
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      I eat raw everything else (except pork)...but my personal "squig" factor is high on this one.
      Might need a couple of drinks first


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        I agree. I am not opposed to the IDEA of it, but getting over the old thoughts of raw chicken I would have a hard time. I do eat raw 'dough' though which has eggs in it. Like back in teh old days cookie dough and now with my primal baked goods for hte kids. I also eat raw

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          Fish are pretty clean things, and most fish eaten raw is pretty firm. Beef cattle are pretty big--I suppose the inside is pretty clean; I love good raw beef. Pork I can handle pink, but the idea of uncooked pork is really unappealing.

          But birds are filthy creatures, I don't care what conditions they are raised in. And raw bird flesh is just ... ew. Texture-wise it's creepy.

          Ew ew ew.


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            C'mon, its just a matter of good handling practices. The threat in raw chicken comes from salmonella, which is present on the skin. If they have a way to remove the skin without transferring any salmonella to the flesh then I'd be happy to try it.

            FWIW, I've eaten raw prawns (shrimp) and the raw guts of cuttlefish among many other raw meats and fish. Haven't had a bad one yet. Water, on the other hand, is far more dangerous, as is food contaminated by fresh water
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              My dog eats raw chicken daily, but I've never pulled a bowl up next to him lol.
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                I often eat chicken raw - never done me any harm...

                Oh wait... Maybe that's half me problem...

                I'm probably not the best advert for this...
                La tristesse durera toujours...


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                  I've had raw chicken in Japan and raw pork mixed with jungle herbs on the Thai/Myanmar border, and I lived to tell about it. Most of the danger lies in factory farming production techniques and the resulting unhealthiness of the animals. People who eat this are not eating just any old worn out Tyson's laying hen.
                  At the same time, they were kind of gross! Not my thing really. Raw horse (Southern Japan), on the other hand, I'd eat again any day.
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                    ew! no, I couldn't do it! course, I recently got food poisoning from eating runny eggs...