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Overshoes in winter?

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  • Overshoes in winter?

    I generally go barefoot around the house/yard and wear a pair of slippers (think cloth ballet slippers) or a pair of flip-flops when going out in public. *However*, I live in Kansas and winter, it is a'comin'.

    So... has anyone bought overshoes? How do they work to keep the tootsies warmish? I was thinking of buying a pair of NEOS Luna Puffs ( but even the overshoes look like they've got some kind of sole. I don't want to wrap the tootsies in plastic bags, I'd prefer to keep the slippers and feet inside 'em warm and dry, but dropping $50 to $75 on a pair of overshoes that make me walk like I'm *wearing shoes* bugs me.

    So.... any advice/help/suggestions?

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    I've had no experience with over shoes, but I think I'm going to try water proof moccasins this year.


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      Waterproof as in you slap a coat of liquid rubber over a pair you already own or...? Or are these something somebody makes and you can buy?


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        These are incredibly expensive, but they're made with a thin flexible vibram sole and they're made for snow and slush.


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          GAH! LOL
          "Incredibly expensive" is one way to put that, yeah. ^_^ Neat, though! Very cool. Err.. warm.


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            Aww, no one else has even *tried* overshoes?


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              The pair I have, has a zipper that extends to the back of the shoe in the heel. In the first set of the zipper was very fast and had to return to CRC. They were replaced under warranty. The second pair lasted well past winter. However, it seems that tend to trap the frame and / or chains and others at some point as dig outputs different from the inside of the shoes.