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How Many Times Do You Poop Per Day?

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    Originally posted by NutMeg View Post
    It depends really, usually I go about every other day or so.

    For the poster who said that you are constipated, is it painful and do you have to strain, or is it a normal poop, but less frequently? If you are not in a lot of pain and once it is time to go it comes out nicely with out needing to push really hard- then you are not constipated.
    It's less frequent, but I would say there's mild constipation. Sometimes it feels like it's about to come out, then when I try to go, it's like it went back up into my body!


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      Once a day or every other day. When I used to eat tons of grains and fruit I would go 2-4 times per day, I hated it.


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        Before starting the Primal lifestyle I went every morning. I've been going Primal for one week so far and I've only gone 4 times in the last week. I'm pretty sure my body is just getting used to this new style of living and eating. Anyone else have this happen?


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          Usually twice; once in the morning upon waking, then after dinner. Sometimes 3x, but not usually. Prior to primal, it felt like it was all the time.
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