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Anyone in the UK order from iHerb...?

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  • Anyone in the UK order from iHerb...?

    If so, how do I prevent myself being stung for such hefty customs and tax charges...? I need to place another order but the duty and tax on the last one was about 18.

    How do I prevent being charged so much...?


    Sarah xxx
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    What are you trying to order Sarah? Are you sure you can't get it from the UK?



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      Have you tried BigVits?


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        Thanks you two - yes I am. The brands I've always favoured for V&Ms are Dr.'s Best and NOW, for the simple reason that the potency is so much better and, despite the charges, works out SO much cheaper.

        Adam, I've checked out BigVits, and I REALLY am NOT enamoured of a site which shows your password in the clear when you register (and then gives you VBScript error when you hit the submit button (VBS is NOT the most secure of scripts at the best of times!)

        Yes, there are some things I could get there, but I'm not happy with the site.


        There are things I buy from iHerb (Now and Dr.'s Best, like I said) that you simply can't get in the UK (like stevia for example - especially the flavoured stuff).

        Guess I'll just have to swallow the charges (just wish I knew how they were calculated!)
        La tristesse durera toujours...


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          I have used iherb, but it was a while ago so I'm not too sure of the details. I think I used the airmail option rather than the courier - it took a bit longer to arrive but was cheaper. Also someone told me if you keep the value of the parcel low, then you don't have to pay customs charges - I think the figure mentioned was around 17, but I can't be sure. I guess it's a question of weighing up whether or not its cheaper to do several smaller orders with no custom charges but paying p&p for each one, or putting it all in one big order with only one postage charge but also additional customs charges. Sorry to be so vague - hope it helps
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            Here in Canada putting "Happy birthday" on the package removes the customs charges.
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              I have used them a few times. You have to be really careful you don't go over the customs allowance though.
              Lately though have found the exact same item I was going to order from a similar price - worth checking.


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                I use iherb all the time and as long as you keep the cost of the contents under 18 you should be fine. I've never had to pay customs charges. Yes it does mean you may have to do a couple of orders, but it still ends up cheaper/better than trying to find it over here!

                I am seeing a lot more products available on Amazon now though, so it's definitely worth a look...


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                  I have ordered from iHerb numerous times. Every order has arrived quite fast and well-packaged. I warmly recommend to try it out. With the prices being so low you might get hooked easily (fair warning).

                  Using coupon code BIM072 you get $10 OFF on your first order (worth over $40).

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                    Hmm iHerb is quite tricky. I loved it while I was in US but once I got back here (UK) it was a bit of nightmare. Regular order over 15/20 will attract Royal Mails attention. Best to use alternate addresses etc. I found a prettygood UK importer that stocks almost any item I like on request - Home page and they give some pretty good advice too