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Kettlebells, gripper work and primal blueprint

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  • Kettlebells, gripper work and primal blueprint

    Hi I'm new here, and a friend of mine has got me really interested in getting the primal blueprint but I'm a bit hesitant because of some of my goals and restrictions. Restrictions wise, I canceled my gym membership as I'd prefer to workout at home, as I actually WILL do it and it requires less time. Plus it means I can save money on the membership to get my own equipment, which I have done. I have some kettlebells, a chinup bar and various forearm/grip devices. Just with the exercise guidelines of primal, I may not be able to be able to "lift heavy" things as I don't have real heavy kettlebells at this point.
    With that, would working out with the kettlebells work with the exercise guidelines of primal? I do an upperbody workout monday and thursday, lowerbody tuesday and friday. They are 3 circuits of 7-8 exercises with reps of 5-10 and last no longer than 30minutes. Would I be burning myself out with this workout and primal?
    Finally, I do have some certain goals of increased strength, a little more lean muscle but also a long term goal of closing a #3 captains of crush gripper. I'm planning on doing short specific grip workouts on the upperbody days and the lowerbody days. Sorry for this being a bit all over the place, I just want to know if it would work or....what would work with the use of primal blueprint, my goals and the equipment I have? Thanks