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Currently in week 2 and I have some questions

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  • Currently in week 2 and I have some questions

    So I'm 10 days in. I've lost several inches and 7 pounds. This is wonderful. I'm really happy so far and its so easy. I've got a ton to lose. Overall, I would like to lose 50-60 pounds.

    I've been doing less than 30 carbs a day to get some weight loss and then start to go to up to the 50-100.

    I tried eating fruit last week, berries, literally 4 and I was so hungry after wards and I had a sugar rush. I'm going to hold off on fruit for a while.

    The only thing not primal is some of the seasoning I am using and I hope to phase that out. My goal is to get to a 100% primal. I am working up to it.

    Before and now, I'm not a huge fan of beef. Sometimes I crave it but its few and far between. How can I get more fat without eating a ton of beef? I really love chicken and fish and I have that mostly (different variations of it). I am trying. I had beef about 3 times last week so its a start.

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    Also, I am eating almonds for some fat. Is that good?


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      Glad it's working well for you. And wow, 30 carbs -- super low! Some people find they stall out on so few carbs, but you'll see how it works for you. Definitely going cold turkey, eh?

      As time goes on you'll find that you get fewer sugar cravings, and the sugar you do have will taste super-sweet (too sweet) to you. My husband can't drink some sodas anymore, even as a treat, for example.

      Could cook the chicken and fish in plenty of fat, that'll help. And go generous with the olive oil on salads.

      Almonds can't hurt.
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