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  • This made me angry

    I watched this story on this on Today Tonight (Aussie trashy news show) last night and it made me so angry! I was shouting at the telly which is most unlike me. Telling our kids/society to eat less fat/avoid saturated fat. The Heart Foundation pitching in to praise margarine. I wish conventional wisdom was more 'wise'!!

    Ironically, the next story was on sunscreen, warning that some brands contain nano particles which have been proven to cause cancer. Hmmm... a human-made synthetic substance taking away from what is natural is not good for us...

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    At least they're good enough to put a disclaimer at the end...

    The information on is made available for information purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Also, the accuracy, currency and completeness of the information is not guaranteed. Yahoo!7 and The Seven Network do not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of or reliance on the information.

    Well at least they got that right! <sigh>
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      Healthy people do not generate revenue for doctors, hospitals & drug companies.

      THAT IS WHY the media & government (controlled by business) is constantly promoting unhealthy foods & products.
      Keep those hospital beds filled, keep those doctor waiting rooms filled, keep that drug income flowing.

      NOW YOU KNOW. Just keep yourself healthy and SCREW THEM !



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        I'm a nurse and I definitely want a healthy population!! I work in an emergency department with a 20 bed capacity, often cramming in 40 patients at a time due to all the hospital beds being full, and many people unable to get into their normal GP's because their appointments are booked up for the next 4 weeks. This makes me want to work in health promotion (prevention not cure), however I could not preach what the Government deems to be a healthy diet.

        Most doctors I know are reasonable people who are not greedy and would prefer a reduction in their workload. I just find this explanation of 'doctors wanting more business' hard to fathom...


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          Then please tell us why DOCTORS of all people are still promoting the High Carb Low Fat diet, or are they just plain STUPID. No they are not stupid, they are promoting their bottom line. Healthy patients do not make any money. It is ALL about money, honey.

          If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, then it must be a duck. IMO, the evidence is OBVIOUS to anyone who looks.

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            A lot of doctors are 'believe what you are told' types. You have to be intelligent to a degree to be a doctor, no doubt there, but you don't have to be inquisitive and critical of the received 'truth'. So lots of them are neither stupid nor greedy - they think they're helping people out, because they're just passing on what they've been told. Which is even more sad really.
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              Having lived in a few different beach towns, the number of people I know who ended up getting (treatable) carcinomas or similar from to much sun exposure is probably in the dozens. The number of people I know who get sick from sunscreen is, TMK, 0.

              I like Tom's POV:

              EDIT: Actually, maybe melanoma is the word I was looking for. Either way, too much sun and too many sunburns.
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                I think medical school puts young, intelligent people through a brutal boot camp that trains them to tow the line. Even once they've graduated, questioning CW will have a doctor's colleagues attack from all sides. Seen it happen more than once in the birth world.

                I don't think most doctors are motivated to keep patients sick in order to make more money...I believe the vast majority of humans in any profession are better than that! I think they just fail to see that is what they are doing, because of their training.

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                  People (even the majority of people) can be wrong without there being some vast, malevolent conspiracy of evil.

                  Now don't get me wrong, I know corporations want to save their bottom line and if they're marketing cereals, that's what they're going to do. Of course they want us all to think it's the healthiest thing ever.

                  In the long run, good health science seems to prevail despite the strongest marketing and pressure, however -- no doctors are out there claiming cigarettes are healthy anymore, now are they?

                  The trouble is, we're still stuck here in the middle run, not the long run.
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                    I would like to take a moment to point out that Bern lives in Australia, and Grizz in the U.S. so what drives the medical machine in each country may very well be quite different.
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                      I don't buy it. The FDA has their Food Pyramid designed to sell agricultural products, not for the health of the population. And of course at the base of their food pyramid is breads, grains & cereals, just exactly as required to make the population obese. Even more shockingly, the food pyramid at the American Diabetes Assn is exactly the same... THEY are promoting breads, cereals & grains to SICK PEOPLE ! Explain that one.

                      The profits of the food industry drive the policies of the FDA & ADA, there can be no doubt about it.



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                        Sorry, but I'm a firm believer in human stupidity and blindness to anything that could bring about difficult change, instead of jumping to the conspiracy theory angle. Maybe it's more dramatic and fun to imagine a secret cabal of business leaders cackling over their ill-begotten gains while the world gets fat, but the truth is likely just that people have a unique capacity for not seeing things that they don't wish to see.
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                          mate seriously ... what do u expect from today tonight...


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                            Grizz, you are just offensive in what you proclaim about doctors in general, for reasons already well-said in this thread. I wouldn't argue with you saying the same about drug companies, though. And about some procedure-driven medical specialties.


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                              Ooer something spooky is going on. I was literally just reading this

                              Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

                              Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!