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Just bought a 5acre piece of land. Time to get my hands dirty.

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  • Just bought a 5acre piece of land. Time to get my hands dirty.

    Hey all!

    Not sure if anyone is interested, but maybe a few of you care, either way I am super excited and had to tell somebody.

    I just bought a 5acre portion of land, about 100km's north of Perth, Western Australia. I bought it as a general investment but also as a place to grow my own fresh paleo veggies and raise my own primal livestock.

    Crazy I know but I am really excited. My family comes from a very agricultural background, my backyard growing up was half grass to play on and half vegetable garden. My parents grow, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, onions etc. and some of my best childhood memories was the family coming over to pick the veges and make tomato sauces whilst cooking a lamb on a open coal rotisserie.

    The piece of land has some basics to it already, a small enclosed plot of land, and tiny shed, but I plan on filling it up full of primal veges asap. Unfortunately I am working in the outback of Australia right now and won't be able to get to the land until late next week (will make sure to get some photos) but my dad is already up there (i think he is more excited than me).

    Anyway, so thats my exciting news, and now the only question remains...

    what should i grow!?
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    I am jealous . My first purchase would be a heritage jersey. http://www.miniaturejerseyassociatio...otoGallery.htm

    I love them...they are so cute and give enough milk that you could make your own pastured butter!

    Good luck!
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      It sounds like a dream come true.

      I like growing unusual small fruits and veggies, the kind you won't find in the markets. And you could get Carol Deppe's new book about resilient gardening, which is coming out in a couple of weeks now. She's great about how to breed your own varieties.


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        Look, matey-boy, you're in Western Oz, I'm in Southern Blighty, how's about you tells me what the climate's like there...? I'm guessing it's a bit like Southern Spain or Greece, perhaps...?

        Though I do have one suggestion - you could look into viticulture... Primal wine, that's the spirit...* (it could be primal - who says you need to make wine from grapes...? I've had wine made from oak leaves!). Though, technically, wine-making's neolithic, so maybe not...

        Jammies: - why stop at moo? He's an Aussie, they go baa! Yes, I'm in a silly mood this morning because I feel crappy...

        *Another poor attempt at humour, sorry...

        Sorry, I can't think of anything else. Just posting rubbish really - feel free to ignore me...
        La tristesse durera toujours...


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          Oh wow congratulations!! That's so exciting! I'm going to pay someone to set up a food garden in my backyard soon... You're so lucky to have agricultural knowledge. Grow strawberries, carrots and kale! That's what I want


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            Yes, congratulations! Have a great time with it.


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              of course we care! There's an open invitation...right?

              plant a few almond trees, olive trees, lemon trees and fruit trees and have the joy of growing and eating your own. Self sustained!

              Deer?. Mmmm....venison....

              Squash? Different types, butternut, zuccini etc?

              (i don't really know what else you can grow in perth, isn't it incredibly arid?)
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                Sounds like a whole lot of work and reward Rob. Good luck with it.

                How about a few loose roos in the top paddock
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                  so, primal party at your place in a couple of months? congratulations, that's awesome.

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                    jealous much?? hell yeah!!
                    Good on you!
                    my suggestion/request would be for BUTTERNUT SQUASH!!!
                    And yep... Im hoping for an open invitation too. With the news today about the price of fresh food expected to skyrocket in the next 5 years I think you've got your little piece of paradise just in the nick of time.


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                      awesome! get some chickens/ducks/geese
                      If i had a veg patch i'd grow loads of varieties of squash, berries and herbs!


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                        Excellent! Livin the dream!

                        That is amazing news. I have been working on my husband that our next purchase needs to be a little piece of land...smaller house, more land. I would love between 2 and 5 acres. I think homesteading is the future, you are just ahead of the curve a bit.

                        For me, I would put a small orchard in with peaches, pears and apples, I would make sure I had plenty of berry brambles/bushes (raspberries, blueberries, elderberries, blackberries, etc). I would love lots of salad greens, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage, onions and garlic which are the veggies I eat most often.

                        For meat, I would probably only do turkeys and chickens (for eggs as well). I think even if we do get our little patch of land, I will still buy my beef, buffalo and lamb from local farmers.


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                          wow thanks for the awesome response guys!
                          I will start planning shortly what to grow and will keep people posted. im really excited to get onto my plot of land and should be fun over the summer.

                          i am not sure how far i can go with animals as they need constant care, and i am away working most of the time (have to see how much my parents want to work/play up on the farm.)

                          and if people are interested i can definitely try organise a primal campfire night out. again with my work schedule may be difficult (but definitely doable!)
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                            Hey Rob, How's the Serenity?

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                              Originally posted by Carrie View Post
                              I think homesteading is the future, you are just ahead of the curve a bit.
                              LOL. Some of us are old enough to remember the last time homesteading was the future.