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fish burps?

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  • fish burps?

    ok so does anyone know why some fish oils caps are really fishy and give you fish burps....

    I've just got some new ones and man, they are disgusting. They are fresh, in that the batch was manufactured august 2010 and they are a hoki and tuna oil mix.

    I've never had fish burps before... and I dont know if I'll be able to continue taking them cause i just kept getting repeats all morning, and I hate tuna. And yet the tabs themselves dont smell in the bottle.


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    If I take fish oil right before I go to bed at night I don't have that problem.
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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      Have you tried keeping them in the fridge, so they're cold when you take them (ya might even try the freezer)?
      My last batch was pretty fishy, and that helped for me.


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        I recommend you get a better quality fish oil. Usually cheaper oils that aren't properly refined end up giving the fish burps. It's not likely a matter of whether they are rancid or fresh, but more that qualitatively they aren't up to snuff.

        good luck!


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          thanks kuno I'll try that.

          Razorburne, these are supposed to be very high quality and are in no way cheap.


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            Sometimes it doesn't matter for me. I bought some high end stuff, go fine for a few days, then *bam*, fish burps.

            I always freeze them. I always eat them with a large meal (like a pound of beef plus some veggies). I still get fish burps 1-2 days out of 5.

            I just eat more food when they come up, and I'm good.


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              Enteric coated fish oil caplets are easy to find, and they produce absolutely no burps. Maybe your old ones were enteric coated and you didn't realize it until you had some that weren't?


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                high end and walmart end brands have made me burp. gross. i bought krill oil caps and no problems
                yeah you are

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