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Unilever looks to Cavemen for nutritional advice

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  • Unilever looks to Cavemen for nutritional advice

    Unilever, maker of Slim Fast and Vaseline, is now studying the Paleoithic diet to find out if modern people are missing the boat nutritionaly.

    From the article,

    "Using cutting edge scientific techniques, the research employs a new way of looking at diet, examining our evolutionary biology to provide greater enlightenment than ever before. We hope to unlock the secrets of the past and, in doing so, potentially identify key nutrients in the diet of cavemen which might offer nutritional benefits to people today.

    "We are only at the start of our journey, but the scientific leads and new insights generated from this could potentially deliver a range of foods and drinks that are specifically designed to be compatible with what evolution has prepared us for."

    Read the article here: