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Where to find iPhone health-related apps?

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  • Where to find iPhone health-related apps?

    I recently read an article that mentioned that over 6,000 health-related iPhone apps exist. However, I checked out the official iPhone Apps Store ( ) and can't seem to locate this treasure-trove of apps. (On this main page, there just seems to be a handful of apps for each category, and no category for Health, either....) What am I missing here??

    Btw, it would be cool for someone to create some primal apps. I wonder if any already exist.

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    I'm sure their health related apps include the work out apps:

    My guess is that they're also counting all of the calorie counting apps that are out there as well.

    You should be able to search their market place as well. And what would you want for a primal app?
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      Thanks for your response, rozska. I'm still confused, though; even looking through your link for Working Out apps, there are still just a handful of them shown. Where are these 6,000 health-related apps?? Even in the newspaper article I originally read, it said that they were all available "in the iPhone app store"...

      As for potential primal apps, one obvious one would be to allow users to input their food intake throughout the day, and track the ratio of Primal/Non-primal foods that are being consumed. If the app were *really* neat, the user could *define* certain on-the-fence items as either primal or non-primal, as they choose. E.g., someone who is very strict would define dark chocolate or dairy as non-primal, and it would count as a cheat for them; a more lax person might define these items as primal, and it would count toward their primal intake. Users would be able to do a one-time intial edit of a list of these on-the-fence foods, so that every time they consume them in the future, it would always be counted as primal or not, as the user originally selected.

      If a person exceeded their 20% cheats on {a particular day/more than X days in a row/more than X% of the days in the last month}, the app could sound an alarm and display regular text messages to the iPhone, reminding them of specific reasons why they should get back on track.
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        Your link was to the product information page of the apple website, which is just intended to give you a taste of what you could have if you had an iPhone.

        Do you have an iPhone? If so, you're gonna go tap (click) the "App Store" icon on your phone, it's a blue icon with a white letter A in a circle. Then tap "Categories" (bottom of the screen, second icon from the left). Now scroll through the list of categories, 12th from the top will be "Healthcare & Fitness" Tap on that. You'll get 3 lists, "Top Paid" which are popular apps that you have to pay for, "Top Free" which are popular apps which you don't have to pay for, and "Release Date" which is all the Healthcare & Fitness apps, sorted so that the newest are first.

        you can also access the app store through itunes on your computer.

        there is a free MDA app that you can find if you search "mark's daily apple" within the app store.

        eta: the 6000+ number includes all apps that claim to be about health. that includes period and pregnancy trackers, baby name lists, recipe apps, meditation timers, symptom checkers, noise machines, beauty tips, and even an app that turns on the phone's vibration to use as a "massager"
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          Thanks, moonablaze. I actually don't have an iPhone, but am trying to do some research for a project, and was hoping to access a full list of available apps online. I'll check it out via iTunes on my PC.