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Unexpected side effect of primal eating....

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  • Unexpected side effect of primal eating....

    Twice in the past few days, I've literally licked my plate clean. Not something I've done since I was a child. Haven't quite got to the point where my manners have retreated to paleolithic, so I've only done it when I've been on my own. But there's a certain childlike exhilaration to it.

    I think it's a combination of the food being so darned good, and there not being anything good to mop the juices up with. Primal eating doesn't seem to include any sponge-like foods.

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    That's too funny! Soon your kids will be at a birthday party and licking the plate clean...other parents will wonder and you will just laugh!


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      Good way to eat and play at once!


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        I do this every. single. day. So much so that I really have to stop myself from doing it in public or when I have company over. In my mind, this is definitely a perk of living alone. One of my criteria for dating: "Would I be comfortable licking my plate clean in front of this man? No? Outa here, buddy."


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          I love it!

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            haha I always lick the plate clean! I also find myself chewing on bones and eating with my hands....Today at the family dinner I started eating the marrow out of the rib bone


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              I do this with my bacon and eggs. The grease is wonderful.
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                I haven't got quite that close...but do run my finger round the plate a few times to pick up the left over fat and mayo along with some random salt...nothing better at the end of a meal!!