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  • ACE Personal Trainer Exam

    Im 20 Days from taking the ACE PT Exam. Any one who has taken it have a good plan of attack on how i should study? Any tips? How hard is the test really?
    Anything is appreciated.

    Just finished the home study work book like 3 weeks ago. Im just starting from the front untill it all sinks in.

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    I found the best way to prepare was to use the study guide (if you have it) and then take the practice exam. I was so worried about passing that I also took an online practice test. I think that there were questions in the back of each chapter? I took it a version ago, but at that time at least there were no trick questions and I doubt that has changed. There was an emphasis on standards and practices...but I know they are also hyped up on the new model so I would anticipate a lot of emphasis on that.
    Have you checked out the message boards on the ACE website? The FB page also has some discussions on the tests on occassion.
    Good luck!


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      Thank you playmate, but what is the FB Page?


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        facebook, i assume


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          Yes, Facebook.


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            Thank you. I will check it out.