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Primalism and the Menopause

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  • Primalism and the Menopause

    I was contacted the other day by a FB friend (an American exiled somewhere in Scotland - I'll find out exactly where so I can link her up with forumites in her neck-of-the-woods) who I met whilst I was doing something called The Harcombe Diet (very similar to the Hay Diet) because I'd not been in touch with her for a bit, and she wanted to know if I was still doing THD. I told her I wasn't because it wasn't working for me (no wonder - too much emphasis was still being placed on grains and potatoes). She was really fed up because she was having really bad menopausal symptoms, so I told her about PB and asked her to try eliminating grains and sugar (not that THD contained sugar in the form of sucrose, but Splenda, other artificial sweeteners and agave were permitted) from her diet.

    Well FB has just been gracious enough to log back in (it's been playing silly buggers for days) to find a message from Cheryl informing me that, after less than a week with no grains or sweeteners, her menopausal symptoms were significantly reduced! She's also bought the book and will be signing up here soon!

    So this has set me wondering: - I know there are many ladies at this stage in their lives, so I wanted to ask did you turn to Primalism as a method of controlling your symptoms and if you were on artificial HRT, did you find your need for it lessened - and were you able to quit taking it altogether...?

    Just got me thinking because, although I wasn't really surprised when she told me her symptoms were less bothersome (because it's helped a lot with my PCOS symptoms) I was just wondering what it was about grains and sugary things which would aggravate symptoms which are, largely, hormonal.

    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    As I posted in a similar thread recetly, I'm very very primal and very very much having perimenopausal symptoms:

    night sweats
    nausea premenstrually; dizziness
    cycling changes (late, early, heavy)
    ovulating but no 'fertile' cervical fluid (f*ck!!!)
    crampiness other than Mittelschmerz

    blah blah blah


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      I went through menopause quite a while ago (before Primal), but I was eating low carb and had minimal symptoms.

      However, I noticed that any indulgence in sugar brought on hot flashes, which I did not have at all if I abstained from sugar. (I was aware of this because I so rarely had sugar, and it was almost always at some evening event--I'd then be awakened with hot flashes that night.)

      Because the 'disturbances' of menopause are hormonal, I suspect that many of them are related to food--but it's possibly unique to individuals--i.e., things that bother some women won't bother others.


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        I wish. No.Help.What-so-ever.
        But the improvements from eating primal make everything else better!